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The Best Low GI Fruits

The Glycaemic Index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates within a certain food product on your blood sugar levels and many people find following a Low GI diet beneficial to their health and weight loss

For example, foods with carbohydrates that are digested quickly and easily by your body and that release glucose into the bloodstream quickly tend to have a high GI, whilst foods with carbohydrates that are digested slowly and that release glucose into the bloodstream gradually tend to have a low GI.

Foods that are low on the glycaemic index will not cause blood sugar fluctuations, which can reduce your risk of developing insulin resistance.

Many diets are based on eating foods that are low on the glycaemic index, as these foods also tend to be high in fibre, which will keep you fuller for longer.

Any food with a score of less than 55 (out of 100) is considered to be a low-GI food, but keep in mind that all values mentioned below are of fresh fruits, not tinned, juiced or sweetened. We’ve compiled a list of the fruits with the lowest GI which are ideal for adding into your Healthy Mummy Smoothies – just take a look below.

How The Healthy Mummy Plans Work

The Healthy Mummy team are dedicated to helping mums all over the world feel healthy and confident  - and we want to help you feel in your best health and fitness possible.

We spend a great deal of time encouraging mums to love their bodies, no matter what shape or size you are and to only ever to begin thinking about losing weight when they feel 100% emotionally and physically ready which can be very different for every woman.

We offer healthy eating and weight loss plans that are created especially for busy mums and the great news is that there are NO contracts, NO lock in fees. NO monthly fees. NO cutting out foos groups and NO going hungry!

Our focus is also on educating mums on our plans so once you have lost the weight, it stays off,

Each product in our range has been created by leading Australian nutrition and fitness experts and we provide a supportive community which is on hand 7 days a week.

Below are some of the incredible weight loss results from mums who have used our products and our plans – you can see lots more results here and if you scroll down further you will see information on how to get started and how the plans work

lose_baby_weightChaye Challacombe, from QLD, lost 30kg

I found the healthy mummy on facebook and have never looked back. When I finally took the leap and bought the 28 day plan and healthy mummy smoothies, my life changed. I love the healthy mummy smoothies and the food is so yummy!

It has surprised me just how easy it can be once you have the support and put your mind to it. I have lost 30kgs! My husband has also been very supportive and has lost 20kg too.

It has been so great for me to find a weight loss plan that supports breastfeeding mothers. Before, I didn’t think it was possible to lose weight safely while breastfeeding. I am currently breastfeeding my 10 month old and plan to do it til he is at least 1.

Very Berry Smoothie

We love healthy smoothies.  If you are busy, tired or just don’t fancy toast or cereal for breakfast, they make a fantastic way to pack in heaps of nutrients into your breakfast.

And by using our Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix in your smoothie, you are guaranteed to get a smoothie with over 24 vitamins and minerals that is high in fibre and protein and low in sugar.

And below is a really delicious recipe for a berry smoothie that is perfect for putting a spring into your step and it tastes delicious!


Very Berry Smoothie Ingredients

Healthy Eating Birthday Cake

It can be really hard to find a birthday cake for your child’s big day – most shop-bought cakes are full of sugar, fat, salt and all sorts of other preservatives, so the best way to ensure that your little one gets the best and healthiest cake for their big day is to make it yourself.

There are plenty of healthy cake recipes out there – and if you are looking for a different take on a sponge cake that is a little bit healthier then here’s our take on a healthier cake, perfect for a birthday – or a special occasion, with no sugar and very little fat.

Healthy Mummy Healthy Eating & Exercise Pick Of The Day

Hello Healthy Mummy followers!

Here are some of our favourite healthy eating, healthy exercise and inspiration ideas to have you feeling fantastic today.

We hope they inspire you to have a fantastic day:

Need inspiration

See Chaye Challlacombe’s story and how Chaye lost 35kg using our healthy eating weight loss plans

You can read Chaye’s story here

You can see lots more results from mums on our plans here too


Davina’s Amazing 22kg Weight Loss

Hi Healthy Mummy Team,

I began the Healthy Mummy Weight Loss program in November 2013, although I did have the odd healthy mummy smoothie here and there from August.


Motivating Mums – June Entries Calling Out Now

We are now calling out for entries for mums on our plans/using our products to become our Motivating Mums in  September. And you can see some past Motivating Mums here too- and EVERY one of them has had big weight loss and health benefits from being a Motivating Mum too!

The Mums who are selected to be our Motivating Mums in September will be inspiring and motivating thousands of other mums and helping them to reach their healthy eating and weight loss goals


Healthy Eating Crumble Recipe

If you are a fan of the traditional crumble, then we have some excellent news. We have a tasty weight loss recipe that you will love and can still enjoy on your weight loss plan.

Full with natural ingredients this weight loss recipe for a healthy eating Apple & Blueberry Crumble can be included into your healthy eating plan.

Many other apple crumble recipes feature ingredients like white sugar, refined flour, cream, ice cream and butter, but this one is delicious without them.


Serve as a dessert when entertaining friends or just cook up one night when you feel like treating yourself and your family.

Mushroom & Beef Stroganoff


By using lots of mushrooms in the healthy eating recipe, you can use less meat than you normally would.

And while it may look like a lot of ingredients, many of them will already be in your kitchen.

To cook in the slow cooker, reduce the stock to ½ cup and the wine to ¼ cup. Once the beef is browned, place everything in the slow cooker (add the sour cream, Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and parsley at the end of the cooking time) and cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Try serving this healthy eating dish with some brown rice, wholemeal pasta or a crisp green salad.

Kelly Has Lost 23kg With The Healthy Mummy

Hi Healthy Mummy team – here is my weight loss update after using the Healthy Mummy weight loss plans.

I am not brave enough for public underwear photos yet but here’s my progress photo.

I was at my heaviest for my wedding at 115kg.

In both my pregnancies I lost 4-5kg each time as I found I ate correctly for the baby. My daughter is 2.5yrs old & my son is 3 months old & I am down to 92kg.



I’ve been having The Healthy Mummy Smoothies most days for breaky. My eating isn’t perfect yet and we are living with my in laws while we build our new house so I’m finding cooking etc hard but I’m embracing walking & exercise.