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The Healthy Mummy as featured in:

Tyrana Has Transformed Her Body & lost 17kg

Tyarna Robinson has lost an incredible 17kgs with The Healthy Mummy plans and talks about mental side of weight loss.


Strawberry Cupcakes

Who says you can’t eat cake when following a healthy eating diet plan?

When you use fresh ingredients and healthier alternatives for processed items, you can turn many of your favourite treats into healthy versions.

Try this Super Sweet Strawberry Cupcake recipe that was prepared by one of the mums following the Healthy Mummy plans, Ashley Bookings.

A great one to try when you’re having a party or as a special treat for the kids (and yourself!) after school.


Spring Onion Fritters

healthy_eatingHere is a light and tasty healthy eating meal that you can serve with your favourite garden salad.

Spring onions are a lovely way to add a hint of onion flavour without being too overpowering.

The fresh herbs in the fritters add another layer of light flavour too.

Whipping the feta in the food processor produces a lovely light sauce that’s just perfect for spreading on top of these healthy eatingfritters.

Feel free to switch out any of the herbs to use whatever you have on hand.

This can be a lovely gluten free meal if you use almond meal. If not, feel free to substitute with plain flour instead.

You could also consider adding to the fritters:

  • fresh corn off the cob
  • a handful of peas
  • a hint of chilli
  • some crushed pistachios

Thai Pork & Mash – The Healthy Way

This easy, healthy and tasty meal is a delicious combination of bold flavors balanced against the refreshing cauli-fennel mash. Fennel is a crisp vegetable with a light flavor reminiscent of onion or shallots. The fronds are best retained and used for decoration and/or eating, with a subtle aniseed flavour.

Pork is a delicious protein loaded with nutrients including high levels of iron. Iron helps to boost our energy levels, assisting with weight loss for busy mums.

The pork is best marinated over-night if possible for maximum flavour, but 30minutes will suffice if time is short.



Casey Has Lost 12kg

Casey Jones has been following the Healthy Mummy Weight Loss plans and has now lost a total weight loss of 12.7kg and is feeling fantastic!


No Refined Sugar Tarts

If you are looking for a no refined sugar sweet recipe then we have a great one here to try.

These little tarts are refined refined sugar free and can be enjoyed by the whole family

lime tart

How To Choose An Obstretician

Written by Sallee Dwyer

Mother, Midwife and Director of Midwife to Mum

Congratulations! You have just found out that you are pregnant, and one of the first decisions you have to make is deciding on the care for yourself and your unborn bub.

Deciding on the right practitioner for your care can be overwhelming at times.  Choosing an obstetrician is a very personal decision and there is no right or wrong way to go about selecting the best doctor for you.


When deciding you should consider what you want from your care and the type of doctor you would feel most comfortable with.  A couple of the more common questions I come across (and ask, in assisting my patients) include:

My Baby Won’t Stop Crying – HELP!

If your baby is crying all the time then this can put a lot of stress of you and everyone in your household.

How to deal with a crying baby has led to many parents feeling frustrated.

Babies Don’t Come With Instruction Manuals

Someone  has wisely said that it’s only when our children grow up and have children of their own,  that they truly understand that babies and children don’ t come with instruction manuals and that mums and dads do make mistakes, but always with the child’s best interests and a lot of love in mind. How many of us can relate to that?

I am sure there are times when all of us want to cry tears of our own with our baby, when this tiny bundle of love won’t stop crying.

Crying is Normal

We all know that crying is the only way our baby can tell us when things are not quite right. The average baby cries between 1 and 3.5 hours per day. That’s a lot of crying. Crying is normal and a crying baby is a completely normal. When she cries, she is communicating her needs to you and she is asking you for a response.

Creamy Tuna Pasta Recipe

This dish is so creamy and tasty you would never guess it was good for you! Low in fat and high in protein and nutrients, it has all the flavor without the guilt.

Tuna is a convenient and affordable source of low fat protein. It’s also high in omega 3’s which are essential for brain and heart health.

This sauce is very versatile – without the tuna it can even be served over vegetables or chicken, replacing unhealthy, creamy dressing and adding plenty of flavor.

Creamy Tuna Pasta


Stephanie’s 23kg Transformation With The Healthy Mummy

Stephanie has been using The Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and now absolutely loves her energy, confidence and fitness she now feels from losing over 23kg on our plans – well done Stephanie!