10 Facts About Your Vagina You Might Not Know

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Your vagina is an extremely complex organ, with many myths floating around about it. For many people, talking about the “vajay-jay” and how it works is deemed taboo and embarrassing but it shouldn’t be.

9 facts about your vagina
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The vagina is a power house, a blooming flower. It is more than just a place for babies to exit, penises to enter and tampons to visit. It deserves respect, love and care. But to give it this, first, you need to understand it.

10 facts about your vagina you might not already know…

1. Orgasmic powerhouse

Let’s talk about the clitoris. It is not just a man in a canoe, a hooded button or a bean. It is much bigger than that. People think of just the visible part, but think of it as more of a wishbone. It branches down beneath the skin, on either side of the vulva then extends 3cms in, connecting to the elusive G-Spot. This makes for a pleasure zone-The clitoris’ one and only job!

2. Doubles in size

Amazingly, when you are aroused your vagina can nearly double in size! Unaroused the vagina is approximately 3-4cm deep. When a woman becomes aroused “vaginal tenting” occurs, the tension in your body essentially pulls the uterus further up making for more space in the vagina.

3. Babies don’t change your vagina

According to research conducted by a women’s health group in the States, babies don’t change the physical nature of your vagina. This research made 3D moulds of multiple vaginas before and after birth and the size and shape was unaltered.

4. Lady Boner

It’s true! Whilst not as a big and noticeable as a man’s, a woman’s clitoris actually becomes engorged and erect when aroused!

5. Pubes for a reason

Perhaps its time to stop waxing! Your hair down there has an actual purpose. The female pubic hair is thought to keep in your natural scent and to release your pheromones to entice your partner.

9 facts about your vagina

6. Penis Captivus

The vagina can actually clamp down, essentially becoming a lock jaw, on a penis! Known as ‘penis captivus’ (yes – really! I, too, had to double check that to make sure it was a thing). The vaginal muscles literally close down on the penis making it impossible to withdraw.

7. You DO NOT need to douche or cleanse your vagina

It is very important that you don’t tamper with the pH or bacteria levels of your vagina. Your vagina adjusts its levels on its own, by self-regulating through discharge (which is TOTALLY normal, by the way!). The only cleaning required is of the outside of the vagina, with some water and scent-free soap.

8. Size Matters

The size and the distance from the vulva of the clitoris plays are large part in how successfully you can reach climax. So for those with a smaller clitoris, or one that is further away from the vulva, it is proven that you will have more difficulty releasing the big-o. All the more reason for more attention though, right?

9. Vaginal Pro-Lapse

It is actually possible for your vagina to fall out! With utero-vaginal prolapse, the vagina can fall due to poor pelvic floor strength. This usually occurs after childbirth or menopause.

10. Something in common with wine

The vagina has the same pH levels as wine! The ‘normal range’ for vaginal pH is 3.8 – 4.5, whilst wine is 3 – 4.

Also, did you know you can lose weight in your vagina?

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