11 Reasons You Should Have Sexy Time Tonight

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Look, we don’t mean to harp on about it, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve had sexy time, well here’s 11 reasons why you should make tonight the night.

11 Reasons You Should Have Sex Tonight

11 reasons why you should have sex tonight

1. You have finally shaved your legs and it’s likely this won’t be happening again for a very long time so you might as well make the most of it.

2. The laundry pile is stacked high and you’ve got nothing to wear to bed anyway, might as well go to be naked and see what happens.

3. You’ve just finished the latest series of your favourite show and you’re due to start another one tomorrow so you should get busy before you both become addicted to another season.

4. Usually you haven’t met your fitness band step goal and a bit of action in the bedroom might just get you over the line.

5. There is one less child in the house which means the chances of someone walking in on you have lessened considerably. Also, you have one less child to put back to bed 412 times throughout the night.

6. Your muscles are starting to show so maybe it’s time you shared your awesomeness with some bedroom antics.

7. The red dragon is set to swoop any day now and maybe some sexy time might help lessen those PMS symptoms that are making you want to cry at baby adverts on the TV.

8. You finally got around to hand washing your sexy lingerie/bra, it only took three months, so it’s time to give it another outing.

9. Apparently people who have sex twice a week release more antigens like immunoglobulin, which fights off colds and flu. I wouldn’t take this as gospel but it’s a fact that late night exercise can help you sleep better.

10. You’ve just watched a particularly raunchy movie with some serious eye candy, say Magic Mike II, and you fancy yourself a bit of horizontal mambo.

11. Some studies say that sex can reduce your blood pressure, make you a super genius and keep you looking super young. I’m not buying it, BUT it might temporarily make you FEEL like a young healthy genius so why not?

BONUS REASON: It is sheet washing day tomorrow so why not!

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Got anything to add to this post about 21 popular excuses not to sexy time?

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