Baby Names

If your last name consists of 10 or more letters these baby names are for you

In Australia we love shortening anything and everything we can. From sayings to countries and even names!

Usually consisting of 3 letters, these names are easy, always classic and basically short and sweet!

Albiet short, these names are strong and can easily stand on their own (they usually aren’t shortened from other names).

 For your viewing please here are 20 boy and 20 girl short and sweet names.

20 of the rarest baby names (some aren’t too alternative)!

40 short and sweet baby names


1. Ash

This uni-sex name is strong and takes us back to Pokemon days (hey, he was a cool guy).


What a classic, I think we all know a good Ben in our lives.

3. Joe

A traditional boys name, Joe can also be used as a girls name by dropping the ‘e’.

4. Leo

Leo the lion is a strong and almightily name, Leonardo DiCaprio is known simply known just as Leo, no last required.

5. Ted

As sweet as a teddy bear, Ted reminds us of someone very kind natured.

6. Mac

This screams cool kid on the block.

7. Cam

Probably best friends with Mac, Cam doesn’t need the fuss of Cameron!

8. Eli

A holy name, Eli is a very distinguished yet classic name.

9. Sam

Good old Sam, this is probably the most common 3 letter name.

10. Fox

A little out there but just as sweet.

11. Gus

Unique yet classic enough to grow up to become a professional anything! Gus is all kinds go cute.

12. Luc

If you love everything and everything French, Luc is the name for your little one.

13. Tom

Most little boys would love to have this name, think Thomas the tank engine amongst other children’s book characters, there’s ALWAYS a tom.

14. Kai

With a tropical sounding vibe, Kai is ultra-cool.

15. Jay

If you want your son to take up surfing, this name is the one for you!

16. Max

What a staple, this name can make many different cute names also- Maxy, Maxamillion (when in trouble) and even M.

17. Lee

Dress your little Lee in some denim jeans and there you have it, short and sweet.

18. Van

Van Morrison fan anyone?

19. Zac

The children’s TV show Zac and Cody, has made this name high in demand!

20. Sim

If Simon is too blah for you, Sim is the hip and cool version.

40 baby names from the 90s that have made a come back


1. Mia

Mia Kunis fans this way!

2. Lou

So chic, Lou is the ultra-cute feminine pronoun of Lucinda, Louise, Lucy and the list goes on.

3. Sky

We predict your little girl will favour the colour blue!

4. Zoe

A popular name with girls, Zoe is not shortened from any other name. She is who she is.

5. Ali

Another version of Alison but easier and quicker to say, not to mention a little more edgy!

6. Ray

Spell it Rae if you please.

7. Eve

There’s a mysterious vibe about this name consider it’s history (Adam & Eve).

8. Bea

Quite regal, Bea is a lovely name.

9. Ivy

Do you have a green thumb? Ivy is so pretty without being too girlie.

10. Lux

An alternative name, Lux slips off the lounge like a quick drive in a luxurious car.

11. Amy

We picture Amy in pigtail plaits, so sweet!

12. May

With the same letters as Amy, May is a classically old and stable name. Imagine if she was born in May too!?

13. Ava

A medieval name for all of those Game of Thrones lovers.

14. Kit

Made popular by Kit Harrington, i.e. John Snow. So popular that girls are now claiming it, we’re in!

15. Sia

The singer Sia, goes by this and this alone. Need we say more?


A modern take on the historic name Vivienne.

17. Blu

Beyonce anyone? Blu AND Ivy are featured on this list making it that much more appealing!

18. Ada

Meaning happy, this name is too cute to pass up.

19. Max

Unisex, this name for a girl is almost cuter than Max for a boy.

20. Pia

We are seeing this name pop up quite a bit more these days, Home and Away fans you’ll know what we’re talking about (Pia Miller).

For more baby names see our extensive archives!

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