7 ways and wives’ tales that could induce labour

We’re all about trying new things here at The Healthy Mummy, especially if your due date is looming or has passed and you’re in a hurry to meet your precious baby.

While there’s no medically proven way to actually start labour without medical intervention, there sure are plenty of old wives’ tales floating around that can apparently do the trick.

pregnant belly

Some of them are pretty funny and far-fetched but others might actually have some mental and physical benefits for you. Let’s take a light-hearted look at:

7 wives’ tales and ideas that you could try to bring on labour.

1. Some like it hot

Make Your Own Healthy Take Away

Supposedly the hotness in curries can fire up your bowels and digestive system and get things cranking along. It’s a good excuse to enjoy this fine fare if it’s something you like but just remember that spicy food might cause you some heartburn and a full stomach might make sleeping even harder.

Try our lamb and coconut curry (pictured above) that could help!

2. Getting ‘busy’

And we’re not talking about cleaning the house from top to toe, although you probably don’t have the energy for that right now. Apparently semen contains prostaglandins, these are hormones that can help soften and open the cervix, maybe leading to contractions. Additionally, an orgasm releases oxytocins which can stimulate the muscles of the uterus to contract. The choice is yours.

3. Alternative therapies

pregnancy yoga

You could try to find an acupuncturist or acupressure specialist who works with pregnant woman because it’s thought there are specific points needles can be applied to unblock energy flow lines along critical meridians. There are also acupressure points you can find and apply pressure to, or better yet get your partner to help. While they’re there you could put in a request for a back massage!

Before trying any alternative therapies make sure you tell the practitioner how many weeks pregnant you are, so they can decide whether it’s safe to proceed or not.

4. A long romantic walk

Okay so when you’re battling along at 40 weeks gestation it can be hard to feel romantic, but even a nice long walk supposedly helps gravity to encourage baby to apply pressure to your cervix. Swaying your hips from side to side could also help position your baby correctly for birth. In saying that, don’t waste all your energy because you’ll need it for childbirth.

5. A tropical delight

Fresh Pineapple close up.

So if you’re a fan of pineapple you’re in luck because it contains a combination of enzymes called bromelain. Apparently when eaten it softens the connective tissue of the cervix, bringing on labour. The only downside is you’ll have to eat several pineapples to get a decent amount of the enzyme.

Additionally, bananas are high in potassium which is meant to help with muscle contractions. Just a warning not to go over the top as potassium and it should only be taken moderation.

6.Horsing around

Much like a bouncing motion is believed to help break waters and push baby farther into the birth canal, some woman claim that galloping like a horse can help hasten labour. If you try this one can we please see the video?

7. Have a cuppa

7 Ways To Ditch Sugar From Your Tea Or Coffee

Some believe that drinking red raspberry leaf helps to encourage labour but it’s also thought that it can help strengthen the uterus. Others swear by drinking thyme, cumin, cinnamon stick or cotton root tea. Before you try any of these we suggest consulting your doctor or midwife.

Bonus idea – Have a good laugh or a cry

The mental health benefits to having a huge laugh or howl are immeasurable and supposedly the flood of hormones that go with it might just be enough to start the labour process. Sounds like the perfect excuse for putting your feet up and watching a good movie!

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