It’s our 7th birthday! Find out how we began

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7 years ago, The Healthy Mummy was born!

And over those last 7 years we have SUPPORTED and EMPOWERED 100’s of thousands of mums through our various platforms to live a healthier life, and they have lost OVER 3 million kilos with us!!! How awesome is that?!

Our incredible brand was established in 2010 by Rhian Allen, a mum of two, who was passionate about providing a solution and support network to help mums lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way – that didn’t include fad methods and also was safe for breastfeeding mums.

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How we began 7 years ago

Hi everyone – my name is Rhian and I am the Founder of The Healthy Mummy.

Thank you for being here – here is a snap shot of why the business is here and where it all began.

Rhian Allen founder of The Healthy Mummy

In 2010, I was pregnant with my first baby and I discovered there were no holistic and national support systems to help mums shape up and get healthy after having a baby.

I wanted to create a program which offered safe and healthy plans and support to all mums after having children – and which offered programs and products that were safe in breastfeeding

So after lots of research, I quit my 12 year career, sold my house and invested every dollar I had to create a healthy and sustainable program – made just for mums.

Rhian's Healthy Mummy Fussy Eater Tips

And 7 years later after working every single day and night, The Healthy Mummy is now the biggest mums only healthy eating and weight loss program that exists – and is growing every day thanks to YOU!

The aim of The Healthy Mummy has always been to empower mums to live a healthier life and it started off with just a few hundred mums using the programs on Facebook to now – 7 years later over 1 million mums being part of The Healthy Mummy Community and transforming their health, life and body on The Healthy Mummy Plans.

I have dedicated my life to listening to customers and my approach is always CUSTOMER FIRST.

What is involved with The Healthy Mummy?

Rhian product range

Firstly, it is about healthy and REALISTIC weight loss and healthy living. It is not about trying to achieve a six pack – but about empowering mums to learn about healthy food, healthy living and doing it in a supportive environment.

Being a mum is HARD WORK and we all totally GET IT at The Healthy Mummy and this understanding and empathy shines through in the recipes, the exercises, the products and the amount of budget and family friendly products available.

The two biggest products are the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

There are also LOTS of other products – over 40 books, Supplements, Super Greens, Kids Smoothies, exercise DVD’s, workout tops, bags, bottles and lots more which cover Healthy Kids products and Healthy Pregnancy products. Plus we have 150 Healthy Mummy Consultants and 20 Healthy Mummy Fitness Trainers. Find our amazing products here

  • The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a fully interactive and online customisable meal and exercise plan with over 3,500 recipes, over 350 exercise videos and daily support. Mums do the Challenge together and a brand new challenge and theme run every month – see all details here.
  • The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a healthy meal replacement smoothie that is breastfeeding friendly and contains NO artificial ingredients or added sugar. It is recommended by Dr’s and midwives and you can see a comparison table with other brands here.

A big part of what we offer is SUPPORT. I am a busy mum of 2 and I understand the demands of motherhood and am passionate about ensuring that The Healthy Mummy network offers 24/7 support in a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment.

Thank you for reading.

Rhian x

About the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge


The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an online program providing over 3,500 recipes, customisable menus, personalised shopping lists, daily exercises and videos plus constant support.

At any one time over 20,000 mums will be doing the Challenge with you so there is a great feeling of ‘doing it together’.

About The Healthy Mummy Smoothies


The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a healthy meal replacement perfect for a quick and nutritious breakfast or lunch if you are short on time. They are free from all artificial ingredients and packed full of protein & fibre. They are safe in breastfeeding and you can see a comparison to other brands here.

HUGE discounts to celebrate The Healthy Mummy’s 7th birthday!


Over the last 7 years we have supported and empowered thousands of mums to live a healthier life, and they have lost OVER 3 million kilos with us!!!

To celebrate our 7th birthday we’ve got a HEAP of amazing sale frenzy on all of our products to help celebrate our 7th birthday TODAY!



Be INSPIRED by mums who have reached their goals

Mums have incredible results on our plans. Whether mums have 50kg* or 5kg to lose we can help.

1. Rae Willingham

Rae booty pic 4_9

Mum of three children young children, Rae, has overcome negative self belief in the face of  some very big obstacles. After losing 25kgs* and maintaining her goal weight with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges she says:

“I am no longer the girl who suffered debilitating anxiety and regular panic attacks. The one full of excuses not to go out and enjoy life. I am now this amazing butterfly who loves her life and lives it with no worries (well far fewer, I am still a woman after all!)”.

2. Jo Hart

Jo Hart 50-kgs 2016 WL mum of the year winner

Jo Hart not only rocks her new bikini, she has lost 38kg* with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says:  “I am proud of the change I have made for not only me but for my family too”.

3. Renee Harrison

Renee 29_8

Mum Renee, from Central Queensland, has overcome depression and anxiety stemming from an abusive relationship and transformed her body losing 50kgs* (from 116kgs to 66kgs) with The Healthy Mummy Smoothies, free snack recipes and portion controlled high protein meals.

She says: “Previously I lived day by day, but now I embrace life as it were my last day on the earth!”.

4. Elle Temple

Elle Temple

Smashing her weight loss goal of 25kgs* (from 83.6kg to 58.6kg) with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Elle now focuses on toning up.  Elle says

“today I am thankful that I am no longer afraid of having photos taken of me. I love that I have photos to look back on and am proud of how far I have come. From being ‘obese’ and having no energy to tackle my day, to being a healthy weight and being able to spring around with my crazy toddler”.

If you want to lose 5kg* by May 28 then come and join over 20,000 other mums on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

PLUS Our BRAND NEW APP is launching this week.

Come and join us on the HUGE special offer on here.

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