Would you? Actress Erika Christensen shares photos from her homebirth

If you know the TV series Parenthood you’re going to know who Erika Christensen is and love love love her (especially if you’re a working mum).

You’re going to love her even more after this sweet news!

And in an unexpected twist, the baby girl was delivered by Erika’s husband, Cole Maness, AT HOME while they were waiting for their doctor to arrive to start the delivery.

Would you consider a homebirth?

Introducing baby POLLY!

This is Erika and Cole’s second daughter and they think she came in weighing 3.4kg as the doctor didn’t have time to get the scales (as you can imagine how much rush there would have been!).

Erika said in her Instagram caption, “babygirl’s own, incredible Dad delivered her all by himself. My fault, as I didnt know she would come so quickly and didn’t call the doc until far too late. He came straight over and arrived about one minute after she joined us in the world.”

Homebirths in Australia

Homebirths are actually becoming more and more common and popular (in most countries at least!).

Essential baby have reported that a 2015 study published that Australia has the third lowest rate of planned homebirths among a group of developed nations at 0.4 per cent!

Everyone is different and wants a different birth plan, and it seems New Zealand is more for home births ranking at 3.3 per cent, and The Netherlands taking over at 20 per cent of all births.

Here is a midwifes thoughts on homebirth.

Why does Australia have such a low rank in homebirths?

It may be because of safety concerns as there are many different opinions and studies out there on the risks of homebirth, scary stories portrayed through the media and especially if you have a high risk pregnancy.

One of the main reasons why homebirths aren’t as popular in Australia could be the lack of ACCESSIBILITY as only a handful of publicly funded home birth programs exist in Australia meaning the costs that are involved are unattainable for many families.

The Federal Government has a legislation that allowing midwives to continue to be able to provide care to women wishing to birth at home, however, as of 2019 this exemption ends and what follows is currently unknown.

The states in Australia that are currently publicly funded are:

  • NSW
  • SA
  • NT
  • VIC
  • WA

If homebirths were more accessible would this be part of your birth plan?

See here how this mum’s homebirth went and how her 3 year old daughter even helped!

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