Alyssa Milano Explains Why It’s Important To Have Date Night

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When you take the plunge to have children, you often lose sight of the most important relationship; your marriage. It’s so important to take time out with your partner and date night is the perfect solution.

I married this man 7 years ago today. And he made all my dreams come true. I love you, David. #sevenyearsnoitch

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Actress Alyssa Milano and husband David Bugliari have date night once a week.

How Do They Do It?

Alyssa has the help of her parents who move into her house for the weekend. The pair have two children together, Milo, 5 and Elizabella, 2, and they see the importance of spending quality adult time together. Where conversations don’t revolve around boogers and toddler tantrums.

Alyssa says that her parents “understand the importance of actually spending time with your spouse. It’s what’s kept their 50-year marriage”.

Quality time is important

Having kids myself, I know how important it is to spend quality time with your loved one. Like me, if you don’t have family around to help, do what works best for your family. Maybe have a lunch date when kids are in school/daycare, do a babysitting swap with a friend if you can’t afford a babysitter. Find a way to make it work, it’s important for your relationship.

She’s Not The Only One

Him ?

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At the start of this year, Aussie personality Rachel Finch said the same thing. Finch sends her daughter off to her grandmother’s house for the weekend for quality time with her husband. She explains that it works with their busy schedules and gives them time to reconnect.

Sometimes we can be consumed in the world that is our children. It’s time to consume yourself in your partner’s world again.

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