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Do you have a food allergy?

An allergy or an intolerance to anything can be a real battle. But to foods or food substances and ingredients, an intolerance or allergy can be quite frustrating and difficult…

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Jessica loses 12 kg

I wanted to say thank you for all your great product range. I cam across your site and Healthy Mummy Range when I was at my heaviest of 92 kilograms.…

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Exotic summer fling

Healthy eating can be done with style. You can turn anything you like into something that is a little exotic shall we say. Use nice spoons, special bowls or glassware…

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Need an afternoon pick me up?

It is around 3 o'clock and this is danger time when it comes to bastardising your healthy eating plan with dirty, sweet filled snacks. Try this afternoon pick me up.
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My day on a plate

I am a little bit of a voyeur and I love to see what other people eat, especially if they are interested in a healthy eating diet or even a…

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