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Do carbs make you fat?

A lot of people are scared of carbohydrates or sugar these days. They have become the evil doer of the world and the cause of all problems. But like anything when…

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Exercise Post Pregnancy

There is so much pressure with the media for mothers to lose all of their baby weight using extreme weight loss diets. At the Healthy Mummy we are about a healthy and safe weight loss post pregnancy.
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Healthy Mummies at work

I think the best thing about the Healthy Mummy Smoothies is that they are fruity and thick. They are lush and slurp into your mouth. I mean seriously, I am…

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Supermum syndrome

Sometimes we think we can do it all. I don’t know who has put this into our minds, and I am thankful I have the choice from women before me…

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Introducing Our New Trainer

Check this out. We are thrilled to announce that we will have an additional post pregnancy exercise expert on our Lose Baby Weight & The Healthy Mummy Team. Yep! Your own personal trainer for FREE!
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Raspberries and cream

The dream smoothie. I am in heaven. Healthy eating and drinking, can be your middle name. Have a watch to find out why this Healthy Mummy Smoothie is to die…

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