Old-fashioned baby names that are set to make a comeback in 2018!

We’ve got popular TV shows Downtown Abbey and Peaky Blinders to thank for brining monikers like Edie and Arthur back, but there are a HEAP of adorable old-fashioned names that are set to be revived this year.

Baby naming website Nameberry has drawn up a list of popular baby names that were popular in 1918 – 100 years ago!

In fact, they predict girls names such as Agatha, Sibyl and Bessie as well as boy names such as Edmund, Floyd and Dudley will come back into prominence.

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50 vintage girls name set to make a comeback this year

1. Agatha

2. Alpha

3. Althea

4. Augusta

5. Avis

6. Bernadette

7. Beryl

8. Bessie

9. Birdie

10. Carmella

11. Cleo

12. Delia

13. Dixie

14. Effie

15. Etta

16. Fay

17. Geneva

18. Gertie

19. Ida

20. Inez

21. Ione

22. Iva

23. Leila

24. Loretta

25. Lorna

newborn with flower on head

26. Lottie

27. Luella

28. Lucinda

29. Lula

30. Lulu

31. Mamie

32. Maude

33. Merle

34. Minerva

35. Minnie

36. Muriel

37. Myrtle

38. Odessa

39. Olga

40. Opal

41. Pauline

42. Philomena

43. Polly

44. Rosalind

45. Rosella

46. Roxie

47. Sibyl

48. Theda

49. Winifred

50. Yolanda

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50 vintage boys name set to make a comeback this year

1. Abe

2. Alphonse

3. Ambrose

4. Archie

5. Barney

6. Benedict

7. Booker

8. Burl

9. Cecil

10. Chester

11. Claude

12. Clement

13. Cleveland

14. Cornelius

15. Dale

16. Dewey

17. Dorsey

18. Doyle

19. Dudley

20. Edmund

21. Ferdinand

22. Floyd

23. Forest

24. Garland

25. Grover

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26. Hiram

27. Homer

28. Isidore

29. Kermit

30. Lemuel

31. Lowell

32. Lucius

33. Luther

34. Ned

35. Noble

36. Norris

37. Ollie

38. Perry

39. Pete

40. Roscoe

41. Rufus

42. Sol

43. Stuart

44. Thaddeus

45. Ulysses

46. Vito

47. Waldo

48. Wallace

49. Ward

50. Wiley

“At the beginning of every new year, we like to follow the Hundred Year Rule and look back at the popularity lists of a century ago, seeing if we can find some faded flowers with revival potential,” says Linda Rosenkrantz from Nameberry.

“1918 was a year of major world events. The devastating First World War came to an end when an armistice was signed in November, and there was a horrific Spanish flu pandemic. This was also the year when women (over 30) got the vote in the UK, Daylight Savings Time began, Billy Graham was born, the first Tarzan movie debuted and there were new books.

“And baby names? Top of the list were the perennial John and Mary, followed by James and Dorothy, Robert and Margaret, Charles and Ruth. But we’re more interested in looking deeper into the lists, which paid off by finding 100 great names from the 1918 Top 500 that aren’t even in today’s Top 1000– but could find their way back.”

Have a look at some of the other top trends for baby names in 2018. 

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