The best BADASS baby girl names – inspired by super women throughout history

Want your daughter to have a rebellious streak? Then you better check out these monikers, which have been names belonging to some of the most powerful females in history.

 has published a list for inspiration after a mum posted on a website thread that she was looking for a “badass name.”

Here are the top 10 badass baby names, suggested by Mumsnet users:

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1. Diana

Meaning: ‘Heavenly’ or ‘divine’.

This name is often linked to the late Princess of Wales, who was known for breaking the rules and being a rebel against the royal family.

2. Emmeline

Meaning: ‘Work’.

When most people hear this name they think of Emmeline Pankhurt, a crucial activist in the British suffragette movement.

3. Amelia

Meaning: ‘To imitate’.

Amelia Earhart was an aviation pioneer from the United States. She was also the first woman to take a solo flight across the Atlantic. However, she went missing during a flight, never to be heard of again.

4. Hilda

Meaning: ‘Battle’.

With a name like that with that meaning, you can’t get more powerful.

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5. Maya

Meaning: ‘Illusion’

American poet Maya Angelou was also an activist towards the civil rights movement.

6. Thora

Meaning: ‘Thunder goddess’.

According to Mumsnet users, this name makes you think of Thor – the Norse god and Marvel superhero played by Chris Hemsworth.

7. Rosa

Meaning: ‘Rose’

Rosa Parks was one of the biggest civil rights activists after she refused to give up her seat for a white passenger, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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8. Eleanor

Meaning: ‘Bright, shinning one’.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a former First Lady of the United States. She was a controversial First Lady at the time for her outspokenness, particularly her stance on racial issues. 

9. Mary

Meaning: ‘Beloved’ or ‘rebelliousness’.

There are so many famous and powerful Marys throughout history. In the bible, in literature (Mary Wollstonecraft and Shelley).

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10. Valentina

Meaning: ‘Strong’ and ‘healthy’.

Valentina Tereshkova was a Russian cosmonaut, the first in space.

8 other powerful girls names:

1. Edith

Meaning: ‘Riches or blessed’

Edith Cowan as the first Australian woman to serve in parliament. Her face is featured on Australian $50 notes.

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2. Elizabeth

Meaning: ‘Oath of god’

Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and is the longest reigning monarch in British history. She’s seen a lot of major changes in the world throughout her reign.

3. Florence

Meaning: ‘Flower’ or ‘blossoming’.

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in the field of nursing and made a huge impact on the 19th and 20th century policies on health care.

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4. Harper

Meaning: ‘Woman who plays a harp’

Harper Lee is the author of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, which has been described as ahead of it’s time for bringing to light the issues surrounding racism in the United States.

5. Matilda

Meaning: ‘Powerful in battle’.

Another female name that has a powerful meaning.

6. Michelle

Meaning: ‘Who is like God’

Michelle Obama is another First Lady of the United States who has made a huge impact.

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7. Teresa

Meaning: ‘Summer’ or ‘to harvest’

Mother Teresa helped the poor in the 20th century and was canonised as a saint of Calcutta in 2016.

8. Virginia

Meaning: ‘Maiden’ or ‘virgin’

Virginia Woolf was a British author and also known for her trailblazing feminist works , such as A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas.

Look out world! It’s all about girl power. We love these names, do you?

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