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Bobbie Loses 15kg & Gets Her Mojo Back

The incredible Bobbie Pannowitz has lost an amazing 15kgs with The Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and today and shares how she regained her mojo

Bobbie Loses 15kg

So how did I get to the right head space to lose weight? I realised a few things.

For me:

ITS NOT ABOUT running 5 or 10 kilomteres in the best time, it’s not about doing hours on my cross trainer or getting to the gym. It’s not about numbers burnt on my heart rate monitor or how many steps I did today.

IT IS ABOUT moving, just doing what you can, what’s within your ability and keeping yourself active. Don’t compare your efforts to those of others and feel disheartened that you’re not doing the same. Don’t even compare to what you used to be able to do. It can break your willpower – just do what you can – and this is why I love the Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and 28 Day Challenge!

More than anything though, it’s about your nutrition. I have 2 Healthy Mummy Smoothies (it’s just easier time wise on me & they’re super yummy). I am still seeing my numbers on the scale and tape go down and the only exercise I can do is walking. Making sure my nutrition is good, I believe is ensuring my success.

Once I see those numbers move, my mojo definitely came flooding back. I feel great and motivated again.

Bobbie Pannowitz

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