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Bozana’s 40kg Post Baby Weight Loss

Hi Everyone,

This is my last post healthy mummy as motivating mum for the past two months. I’m only 900g away from my original goal of 65kg and the healthy mummy is the best way to lose weight – and I have lost over 40kg!

Since beginning the Healthy Mummy smoothies and 28 day plan my lifestyle and health have improved beyond my wildest dreams and I have lost my post baby weight.

I am so much fitter and heathier! No more high blood pressure and borderline thyroid problems (I checked with my doctor before I started)! I absolutely love being able to wear whatever I want and be able to exercise and enjoy it. I never thought I’d say I look forward to running. It makes me feel awesome! The fact that I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see is something that I have never done. I always avoided mirrors. Now I walk past a shop window and don’t recognise myself!

Bozana's 40kg Post Baby Weight Loss

Since beginning my weight loss journey in June last year –

  • Starting weight 107 kg, today 65.9kg
  • Loss of 41.1 kg
  • I have lost 29 cm from my bust, 41 cm from my waist, 34 cm from my hips and 29 cm from my thighs!
  • I have gone from a size 22 to a 12!

I still mostly follow the 28 day plan but mix up my meals with recipes from the Healthy Mummy website. It’s a great way to keep a check on how many calories you are consuming. The calorie bible is fantastic for snack ideas and I take it everywhere with me.

The healthy mummy smoothies are something else! I have one or two a day, breakfast and/or lunch. I have a few favourite smoothies, the Banana Oat buster, Banana and blueberry and lately I’ve experimented with a teaspoon of raw cacao it makes your smoothies chocolately. Use heaps of ice to make it nice and cold or add frozen banana or any frozen fruit to your smoothies. There are so many options! On days I don’t have a smoothie for breakfast its usually poached eggs or Bircher muesli. Lunch is a wrap filled with salad and some protein.

Exercise was a hard thing for me to get into as I never really enjoyed it. Being very overweight and unfit it was all just too hard until I started losing weight. I started off with just walking for about 20 or 30 minutes a day with my daughter in the stroller. My local park is just a few minutes walk away from home.

There was a lot of walking especially when my little one was eager to play in the park after a few laps. As I got fitter I tried to squeeze in as much incidental exercise as I could. Running laps or going to the gym still wasn’t my thing. As the months went by and my weight dropped more and more I started to do the Healthy Mummy post pregnancy DVD and loved it! Its split into 10 or 15 minutes sections and is awesome for working your entire body and helps with strengthening your core safely which Mums need to work on a lot after having our babies. Now I have started running (slowly first) and I am building up my endurance.

If anyone is considering being a motivating mum I say don’t hesitate, get into it! It’s fun, inspiring to others and yourself and you come across some amazing mums that are there with you for the journey. The healthy mummy team are a great support system. You just need to be fully ready to make a change and all the help is there waiting for you. Good luck to everyone on their weight loss!

Bozana Smith xx


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