Broccoli coffee: Try the beverage loaded with B vitamins that will replace your flat white

Okay, so many of us may be familiar with the mermaid or unicorn latte (for those who aren’t it’s a latte made from ingredients like dates, ginger root and BLUE ALGEA).

But now there is a NEW coffee trend headed our way. However, this time the new trendy beverage is loaded with B vitamins, potassium, zinc, magnesium AND is the equivalent to one serve of vegetables.

Introducing broccoli coffee.

Broccoli coffee: Try The beverage loaded with B vitamins that will replace your flat white

CSIRO – the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – are saying broccoli should be the NEW ‘it’ coffee and we’re welcoming it with open arms.

CSIRO researchers believe a powdered form of brassica (aka broccoli) should be making their way into our flat whites AND replace cheeky, sugar laden snacks.

After all, broccoli is a nutrient-rich vegetable, loaded with plenty of fibre, vitamins A, B1 and B6, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Two tablespoons of broccoli powder is equivalent to one serve of vegetables

Two tablespoons of broccoli powder is equivalent to one serve of vegetables,” CSIRO food scientist Maryann Augustin revealed.

We made snacks with this and gave it to kids — they loved it, and their parents did too.”

According to ACB News, in coffee, broccoli powder is added to the pulled espresso shot, before the steamed milk is added, with more powder sprinkled on top.

Improving health and making better use of crops

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This powder can be used conveniently and added to a whole host of consumer foods,” Ms Augustin said.

It makes it easy for consumers to meet the recommended intake for vegetables.”

A recent CSIRO report revealed that more than 50 per cent of Australians were not eating enough fruit. What’s more, two out of three individuals were not consuming enough veggies daily.

While powdered veggies are not new and healthcare stores have been selling such for numerous years, CSIRO are determined to work with local farmers to produce THE BEST QUALITY broccoli powder to ensure nutritional value is maintained.

Moreover, CSIRO also believe that by creating more HIGH QUALITY BROCCOLI POWDER, they can work with farmers who would otherwise be forced to plough back into the soils.

According to ACB NewsFresh Select CEO and farmer John Said, this project would create a high-value use for produce.

Our crops don’t all grow evenly, so there’s produce left behind after the harvest,” he said.

We always work on 80 to 85 per cent yield, so it leaves between 20 to 10 per cent left in the field.”

ABC reveals that produce is normally ploughed back into the field, so turning it into a powder is a value-add for farmers. Cool!

It’s about a 10 to one ratio, 10kg of raw material makes 1kg of product“.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you loving the idea of BROCCOLI COFFEE?

Source: ABC Rural: Clint Jasper
Source: ABC Rural: Clint Jasper

In the meantime, why not sip on our Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting Super Greens?

super greens

As busy mums we’re all about healthy shortcuts. As such we’ve created a way for you to get a shot of energy-boosting superfoods into your body by barely lifting a finger. You’re welcome!

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Made In Australia For Our Mums

Super Greens is made in the laid-back NSW town of Byron Bay. It’s been put together using some of the world’s most incredible superfood ingredients.

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The whole foods that go into Super Greens are natural sources of vitamins and minerals and are an easily digestible blend.

What it doesn’t contain is any dairy, sugar or gluten and it’s vegan friendly.

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A powerful energy boost

When you’re conscious of what you’re putting into your body, you need to make every mouthful count. This is why this amazing powder punches well above its weight.

A snapshot of how powerful Super Greens is, this product…

  • has 56 more times the vitamin B12 of a beef steak.
  • contains the same calcium as three serves of cheese.
  • contains the iron of 12 cups of spinach.
  • has the vitamin C equivalent of 1.4kgs of oranges.
  • has 11 times more iron than red kidney beans.
  • contains 50 times more vitamin B12 than an Atlantic salmon.
  • has 11 times more vitamin C than 100ml of orange juice.
  • contains as much calcium as one litre of milk.
  • has the same vitamin C as half a kilo of red capsicums.
  • has as much B12 as 77 eggs.
  • contains four times as much calcium as almonds.

Super Greens Can Help Keep Immune System Strong

Dr Ross Walker says spirulina is one of the most potent natural stimulants of the immune system.

“Not only does it help fight infections, it also keeps your immune system strong and functioning normally in all situations,” he says.

And getting this much goodness into your diet is as easy as adding a 10g serve of Super Greens into water or your favourite The Healthy Mummy smoothie.

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