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‘Gastro, colds and nits’: Carrie Bickmore on her ‘horror’ first week back at work

Carrie Bickmore has revealled she picked a tough week to hang up her ‘maternity leave shoes’ put back on her ‘working mum hat’.

The Aussie star opened up with fans about her ‘horror’ first week back, which included gastro, colds and nits.


Carrie Bickmore opens up about her ‘horror’ first week back at work after third baby

Just three months after giving birth to her third child, Adelaide, the 38-year-old went back to her gig hosting the Hit Network’s Carrie & Tim show.

Carrie, who is also mum to Ollie, 11 and Evie, three, admitted it probably wasn’t the best week to head back into work mode.

“Week 1 back on radio @carrietommyshow certainly packed a punch! The household had gastro, colds and nits. Welcome back to work mummy!!!! What will week 2 bring?!” she wrote on Instagram.

“We are broadcasting live from my house each afternoon so expect to hear tears (from any one of us!), a chatty toddler and an 11 year old arriving home from school. Chaos.”

What’s more, Carrie’s co-host Tommy Little revealed he helped de-lice Carrie’s nit-infested hair.

“I was really excited to get back on air and then my first day involved a cake that said “f— you” and de lice-ing @bickmorecarrie’s hair,” he captioned on a snap of himself treating the mum-of-three’s hair. “Can’t wait for what’s in store for the rest of the year!”

Poor Carrie. Things can only hopefully get better, right?!

Carrie Bickmore shares her new mum struggles, new mums everywhere can relate

New study reveals returning to work early won’t harm your child

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