Carrie Bickmore shares her new mum struggles, new mums everywhere can relate!

Carrie Bickmore gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Adelaide, earlier this month and has been sharing her experiences of motherhood with a newborn again on social media.

Carrie already has two children, Ollie (11) and Evie (3), but just because she has done this before doesn’t mean she isn’t struggling just like any new mum.

She recently shared a post on her Instagram that a lot of new mums can relate too.

Up late with a newborn who wouldn’t sleep and suffering from mastitis Carrie appreciated a late text from her cousin Fran.

“It’s the simple things. This message from my cousin was exactly what I needed in the middle of the night,” Carrie said in the Instagram caption.

“The middle of the night can be such a lonely time as my cousin knows too well with her own kids.”

So not only is Carrie dealing with a restless newborn who refuses to sleep through the night she also, like many other new mums, is suffering from the painful symptoms of mastitis.

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Squishy ? ? all day… ? all night ….!

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She later a sweet message about the support she has received from her husband and family during these early days with Adelaide.

“While I rest Chris looks after Adelaide, wrangles a cray cray 3-year-old, folds the clothes and entertains a bored 11-year-old,” she said in the Instagram caption with the hashtags #DomesticGod #Faterhood.

She continued that she was feeling grateful for all the support they had received saying, “Thanks to everyone helping us get through these early days.”

We just love how open and candid Carrie is about motherhood, she was just as candid when pregnant with Adelaide.

She shared how she was both excited and terrified of being a mum of three.

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