Pregnant mum makes 141 dinners and 107 snacks to freeze before bubs arrives!

Talk about being prepared!

Jessica Magill has made a whole heap of healthy recipes from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge ahead of her baby being born.

1 pregnant jessica

The pregnant mama says: “I’ve made 141 dinner/lunch serves and 107 snacks. There will be NO excuses for takeaway when this baby is born.”

AND it didn’t break her bank either!

Jessica’s meal prep. Source: Supplied

“I utilised groceries I already had each week and made extra serves when cooking dinner or the weeks snacks, so that I have a big freezer stash for once bub arrives,” Jessica says.

“My groceries are $120-$150 a week (including nappies and wipes for my other 2 kids) and I didn’t go over this budget while adding in the extra prep.”

meal prep 2
Jessica’s meal prep plan. Source: Supplied

What Jessica made:

4 x Beef stroganoff

8 x Mexican shredded beef – recipe in Challenge hub

8 x Asian shredded chicken

Sausage & Veggie Pasta Bake

4 x Sausage and veggie pasta bake

4 x Meatballs – recipe in Challenge hub

5 x Chicken and chorizo pasta – recipe in Challenge hub

Easy Chicken Nachos

4 x Easy chicken nachos

13 x Hidden veggie bolognese – recipe in Challenge hub

4 x Devilled sausages

10 x Beef ragu

5 x Butter chicken – recipe in Challenge hub

Chicken and Corn Pot Pie

4 x Chicken pie filling

12 x Pasta sauce

4 x Spinach and herb triangles

3 x Root vegetable soup – recipe in Challenge hub

Mexican Lasagna

1 x Mexican lasagna

2 x Autumn minestrone soup

3 x Sweet potato coconut curry soup – recipe in Challenge hub

2 x Lentil soup – recipe in Challenge hub

3 x Vegetarian sausage rolls

5 x Chicken pie pasties

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

6 x Kid friendly chicken nuggets

21 x Hidden veg sausage rolls

6 x Mac and cheese

4 x Naan bread dough

10 x Mini cheese and walnut muffins – recipe in Challenge hub

10 x Chocolate bliss balls – recipe in Challenge hub

weetbix slice

16 x Weetbix slice

8 x Bounty bites

8 x Caramel bliss balls

6 x Crustless quiches – recipe in Challenge hub

6 x Breakfast muffins

7 x Choc chunk cookies – from The Healthy Mummy Thermo Cookbook

4 x Raspberry muffins

Cheesy Broccoli Bites

4 x Cheesy broccoli bites

7 x Homemade shapes

4 x Raspberry ripe bites

5 x Rice crispy treatsfrom The Healthy Mummy Lunch Box eBook

Healthy “Snickers” Slice Treat

6 x Snickers slice

6 x Choc cherry slice

Jessica’s freezer. Source: Supplied

You can find these recipes HERE and on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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Jessica’s amazing 20kg transformation after losing the baby weight from her last pregnancy!

before and after

“I lost 20kgs in 6 months using the Healthy Mummy smoothies and challenges, and have enjoyed a healthy pregnancy with healthy weight gain using the pregnancy smoothies and recipes,” she says.

“I’m 20kgs lighter and a much healthier weight this pregnancy than I was with my first child.”

For more information on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, click here.

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