Consultant feedback

We LOVE our Consultants and are so thankful for all the support you show us and THANK YOU for being part of what we do

As you all know we are having some tech challenges with the drop down box (but don’t worry the affiliate system still works 100% fine so super important to ensure you get your links out there and currently most affiliate revenue comes via the links not the dropdown box).

And today we wanted to get your feedback on other ways you can earn extra money as we always want you to know we care and want to do all we can to support you.

It is also worth noting that the highest earning affiliates are the ones who send the most traffic to the site – and this traffic is on any of our blogs or shop – the point is that the affiliates earning the most have a solid strategy on getting their links out there and have a plan around it.

Please let us know your feedback and based on your feedback we will talk to the Team to see how we cam offer even more incentive and support

Thank you for being with us x