New Method Can Cut Induced Labour By Four Hours

Reducing labour by four hours? Where do we sign up?

An American study has confirmed that it’s possible to dramatically reduce the time spent in labour, if you are being induced. With 28 per cent of mothers requiring induced labour in Australia, this wonder method couldn’t come soon enough!


As any mum who has been induced knows, painful contractions can come on quickly. And they are INTENSE. A new study confirms that is it possible to have a quicker (and safer) induced labour by combining two common induction methods – the insertion of a foley catheter to gently encourage the cervix to open and the use of hormones such as the prostaglandin-like drug, misoprostol.

While, in typical induced labours, only one method is used, the study of 500 women proved that combining these two methods slashed labour time immensely without any additional complications or health risks for the mother or baby. The study confirms that using both methods did not lead to higher rates of emergency caesarean sections.

The average active labour for first time mums is between 12 and 14 hours (according to Better Health Victoria). Cutting this time by four hours sounds pretty good to us!

Although the study is the largest ever clinical trial of labour induction methods, there is still additional testing and research required before rolling out the system.

For more about induced labour check out these ten things only mums who have been induced would know.

The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie

pregnancy smoothie

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How can the smoothie help?

  • HEALTHY INCREASED CALORIES – Additional nutrients and calories are needed in pregnancy to support the mum and the baby – and the smoothie is a convenient and tasty way to increase your calories in pregnancy whilst nourishing your body
  • MORNING SICKNESS – If you are suffering from morning sickness and find eating food difficult – the smoothie is a great way to nourish your body with a easy to drink smoothie- it also contains ginger.
  • TIREDNESS – If you are feeling exhausted, the smoothie is a nutrient dense snack high in protein, B vitamins and low constipation iron to help keep energy levels up
  • CONVENIENT- if you are struggling to find the time or energy to eat nutrient dense and healthy foods then the smoothie will be a great help. You could also have it as a quick breakfast by adding fruit, oats and vegetables to your smoothie to further increase calories
  • PROTEIN & CALCIUM – It is ideal as a high-protein, high-calcium snack in pregnancy with each smoothie giving you 15g of high quality protein

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