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Emotional eating is a thing and this mum conquered it

When the going gets tough who reaches for the closest sugary treat or comfort food? We’ve all been guilty of this at least once in our lives, however if this action becomes a reaction to emotions, you may have an issue to deal with.

This mum has been on an rollercoaster of emotional eating, low self esteem, feeling tired and lethargic, and this caused havoc on her weight loss success.

Jump to now and Lisa no longer hides her body at the beach, she feels alive, happy and fit, “once your mindset is in the correct place you can conquer mountains,” she adds.

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How to conquer emotional eating

Science Daily states that emotional eating is a cycle that is triggered when feeling bored, or frustrated, or sad and in turn makes you eat.

Taking time for yourself is important and is probably the most important step to take to tackle any kind of emotion. Really listening to your thoughts and trying to digest them will take you one step closer to managing them all.

Lisa says, “Once you’re there you will never return to that unhappy place you were in before.”

Here are Lisa’s top tips to tackle emotional eating…

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1. Write down your emotions

Keeping a log of your emotions will help in sorting them from real hunger to bored hunger as Lisa says, “Try to understand your thoughts and work out what you can change such as making small goals and working towards them.”

2. Clean eating

I feel once I cleaned my body of toxins my mind was a lot clearer in thoughts,” says Lisa. To help load your body with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and important antioxidants we suggest trying a Healthy Mummy smoothie.

Lisa also keeps lemon slices in her water and sips it all day so that her cravings are at bay and she won’t mistake being thirsty for hungry.

Here are some ways to avoid over-eating.

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3. Exercise

Lisa found that keeping her body active, kept her mind active and thus she no longer would turn to emotional eating.

I did yoga to clear my stress, exercising helped me if I felt emotional. I’d crank up my music and do something active,” Lisa states.

She also found that her thoughts after exercise went from wanting to eat to getting fit and losing weight, food then took a backseat for Lisa and she now concentrates on her health!

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