Weight Loss

Exercise or Food, Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

When you are trying to lose weight you often wish there was a quick and easy solution. Unfortunately weight loss plans, well successful ones at least, are consistent work with a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

But which is more crucial to weight loss, exercise or food?

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There is no way that a healthy lifestyle can exist without the two, and healthy weight loss is best combined with simple and effective exercise goals as well as healthy eating.

The thing that packs the bigger PUNCH often comes down to your food. Yes, I am saying that food has more to do with your weight loss plan. Although that is a statement that comes with A LOT of astericks’ *****!

The reason why food is crucial to a weight-loss plan is that it is the one that contributes most to the calories in your intake.

Why Food Is Crucial To Weight Loss

For example, you eat 100grams of milk chocolate you are up about 520 calories.

If you do one hour of walking that day, you will only burn off around 300 calories. It depends how much you weigh but for a 73kg person, they will burn around 315 calories. Therefore you still have 200 calories to burn from that chocolate bar before you a square again.

If you didn’t eat that chocolate bar to start with the one-hour walk would put you in a 300-calorie deficit. And after a short period would result in some weight loss.

Exercise Prevents Weight Gain

While diet has a stronger effect on weight loss than physical activity does, physical activity, including exercise, has a stronger effect in preventing weight gain and maintaining weight loss.

And then the other crucial element of weight loss is increasing your metabolism. This can be done effectively by increasing your lean body mass.

When you build you lean body mass through simple strength exercises such as squats, push ups, lunges and tricep dips, you increase your metabolism and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

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Weight Loss Is A Simple Equation

You need to remember that weight loss is an equation of in and out. If you put too much in and not enough out, you put on weight. If you put less in and more out you will eventually result in weight loss.

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