FAQ’s on Healthy Mummy Budget eBook Membership

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Ebook Membership

Q. Are ALL 40 eBooks included in the membership?

A. Yes – Once you sign up you will be taken to The Healthy Mummy library where you will have access to every single one of the Healthy Mummy eBooks.

Q. Can I download all the eBooks?

A. Each month, your membership gives you the ability to download three eBooks of your choosing onto your device. However, you will still be able to view ALL our eBooks within the Healthy Mummy library. The three downloads a month don’t accumulate from month to month. As a consequence, if don’t use them, the credits will expire at the end of each calendar month.

Q. Will I gain access to all new books?

A. Yes – We will be releasing a NEW eBook every single month and these will all form part of the eBook budget membership.

Q.Is the rate paid monthly or quarterly?

A.The $29.95 is paid QUARTERLY which works out at $10 a month.  This rate is only for the first 5,000 mums who purchase the eBook budget membership. After this, the rate is $49.95 per quarter – so still a SUPER budget rate at $16.65 per month.

Q. When are payments made?

A. The first payment is made on the day you join, then every third month thereafter until you cancel your membership.

Q. Will my rate ever increase?

A. No – This is your lifetime discount rate for as long as you keep your membership.

Q. Can I share the books with other people?

A. No – This is strictly against copyright law and illegal to do so. Your personal membership gives ONLY YOU the ability to have access to all eBooks. Each eBook has a tracking device to ensure you do not breach our copyright. Anyone who does will be contacted by our legal team.

Q. If I am a 28 Day Challenge member can I get access to this?

A.  No.  You do not automatically get access to the budget eBook membership. However, if you are a challenge member, you will receive a very special LOYALY DISCOUNT on the budget eBook membership, which you will find if you log onto the challenge hub from your desktop.

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