8 ways your freezer can save you TIME and MONEY

We all know the value of a family-sized portion of bolognese that has been stashed away in the freezer for a busy night.

But there are so many other ways your freezer can help you out with your healthy eating plan.


Try one of these 8 awesome ideas.

1. Use the freezer to store some vegetables so that even if the crisper is empty you won’t go hungry. Think corn on the cob, sliced carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli or cauliflower.

You can either buy it from the frozen section, or freeze your own in ziplock bags when you see it on sale fresh and cheap.

2.  If your kids have only eaten half a banana, or you find a couple of nibbled-on apples in the fruit bowl (why do they DO that?) – don’t throw them away. Store chunks of banana in the freezer for a delicious addition to your Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

Peel the apple, slice into chunks and cook it in the microwave with a splash of water and some cinnamon. Freeze the cooked apple to use in homemade muffins, pop it on your porridge or add to a smoothie.


3. Double every recipe that you can, and freeze half for another time. Think Chilli Con Carne or our Lamb and Coconut Curry. Just defrost it in the microwave, or take it out of the freezer the night before you want to eat it to allow it to defrost in the fridge before reheating.

4. There’s no need to cook fresh rice every time you want to use it. Get into the habit of making double (or even triple) batches of rice and then freeze the leftovers. You can either freeze enough for the whole family, or just freeze in single serve portions.

To use, defrost in the microwave and then reheat until steaming hot. Use it to make this lovely Tamari Fried Rice or pair it with a chicken stir-fry.

Tamari Fried Rice

5. Speaking of pizza, if you love the idea of saving time kneading dough for your homemade bases – freeze them! Make a double batch each time you make Pizza Dough, then freeze the spare ones to use another night. You’ll be serving the family a healthy dinner in no time.

6. When you see ripe tomatoes on sale – grab a bucket or two and make this tasty pasta sauce. You can then freeze in one cup portions (or go for the good old ice cube tray again) so that you always have pasta sauce at the ready for a pasta bake. You can also use it as a sauce base for your favourite pizza.

A pot of Italian pasta sauce

7. Make little flavour kickers to keep your meals fresh and interesting. Fill up ice cube trays with your (double batch of) homemade pesto, chicken stock, leftover tomato paste, or your Favourite Dip.

Then you can just defrost them as needed when you are cooking your meal or snack. You could make this Pesto Salmon using pesto from your freezer, frozen rice, and frozen veggies (it also saves loads of washing up).

Pesto Baked Salmon

8. Did you know that you can freeze grated cheese? It means that you will always have some on hand, and you won’t run the risk of your cheese going hard and unusable. Not so great on sandwiches (unless you toast them) but perfect to add to some pasta or a jacket potato.

Top Ten Hacks for Bulk Cooking and Freezing

How to Save TIME and MONEY by Bulk Cooking and Freezing

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