General FAQs

  1. How many calories are in the Healthy Mummy Smoothies?
  2. Is the 28 Day Plan Book the same as the 28 Day Challenge?
  3. A lot of people tell me ‘meal replacement shakes’ are not healthy and that I will gain weight after I finish them?
  4. Will I gain weight after I stop the losebabyweight program?
  5. I already have a personal trainer and do lots of exercise so will the program still be of benefit to me?
  6. I have lots of injuries so can’t do any exercise – will I still lose weight on the program?
  7. What if I follow a gluten free diet? Can I still do the program?
  8. I have really tried hard to lose my baby weight but I can’t shift the last 5 kilos – will this really work?
  9. How does the money back guarantee work?
  10. Why are diet pills unsafe and we recommend avoiding them
  11. Do you ship internationally?
  12. How long does delivery take?
  13. When can I start to lose weight?
  14. What if I am not Breastfeeding – will this product work?
  15. When can I start the Exercise DVD?
  16. I have had a C – Section , can I still do the exercises?