General FAQs

  1. How many calories are in the Healthy Mummy Smoothies?
  2. Is the 28 Day Plan Book the same as the 28 Day Challenge?
  3. A lot of people tell me ‘meal replacement shakes’ are not healthy and that I will gain weight after I finish them?
  4. Will I gain weight after I stop the 28 Day Challenge?
  5. I already have a personal trainer and do lots of exercise so will the program still be of benefit to me?
  6. I have lots of injuries so can’t do any exercise – will I still lose weight on the program?
  7. What if I follow a gluten-free diet? Can I still do the program?
  8. I have really tried hard to lose my baby weight but I can’t shift the last five kilos – will this really work?
  9. How does the money-back guarantee work?
  10. Why are diet pills unsafe and we recommend avoiding them
  11. Do you ship internationally?
  12. How long does delivery take?
  13. When can I start to lose weight?
  14. What if I am not Breastfeeding – will this product work?
  15. When can I start the Exercise DVD?
  16. I have had a C–Section, can I still do the exercises?