‘You’re Not Crazy, It Is Hard’: Honest Mum Bursts The Breastfeeding Bubble

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The minefield that is breastfeeding can topple even the most ‘together’ new mum, and this refreshingly honest account of those pressure-filled early nursing days will have you nodding in agreement. There’s no more sugar-coating, it’s time to be real about breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding is full of unanswered questions

New mum Leah Beyer has decided to lift the lid on breastfeeding struggles – which most of us have silently battled. She’s used her Instagram account The Nashville Bump, to detail just how frustrating, terrifying and difficult breastfeeding can be.

“Sometimes I can’t even explain what makes it so difficult,” she writes. “The uncertainty, second guessing, responsibility, commitment, discomfort…just to name a few. We trusted our bodies to grow our babies for nine months and now we have to trust our body to supply the nourishment for our babes growth and development. Talk about pressure.

“Breastfeeding is full of unanswered questions. You truly don’t know what’s going on down there. Too much? Too little? Too intense? Not enough hindmilk? Not enough time? Plugged duct? Mastitis? WTF!!! As if it wasn’t hard enough.”

Yep, it’s tricky alright. As Leah, who gave birth to her daughter Penelope six weeks ago explains, the only way to know if we’re doing it ‘right’ is checking if our baby has gained weight, which is pretty difficult if you don’t have a baby scale handy. But in the end she explains that it’s ok to feel like this.

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“We all so desperately want to survive and push through. We so badly want to have our baby thrive. We want that relationship. We want the experience. In the end, fed is best. That’s what matters. But all I know right now is that breastfeeding is hard. I am doing my very best but always have a question in the back of my mind.

“I’m determined to tough it out. I want to do this. Mamas really do need all the support they can get. So mama, you’re hearing it from me, you’re not going crazy, it is hard, but you’re doing good. Keep going!! There’s a rumour going around that it gets easier.”

We hear you mumma!

Leah’s post has attracted a huge wave of support from other mums, with more than 7000 likes and hundreds of comments.

??Mamas to be??…I wasn’t the neighborhood babysitter growing up. I can count on one hand how many times I babysat. In fact, before P I had only ever changed one diaper and held one newborn for a maximum of 5 minutes. Although I didn’t have the experience, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Even as a toddler I had been successfully waking up in the middle of the night to feed my bitty babies? Naturally I was concerned my lack of baby experience would hinder my actual talent of being a mom. Guess what? It hasn’t. No one has had to teach me how to change her, hold her, or feed her. I just do it. People are so right about the mommy instinct. You just know what to do. So for those of you who are like me, don’t worry! You WILL be fine??And I’m sure all the other mamas here can agree with me and say- having your own little bundle of joy is much different than babysitting or reading all the books and knowing all the knowledge. Only YOU can be a mama to YOUR baby. That’s why you were gifted THIS child??? • • • #motherhood #momlife #letthembelittle #familygoals #normalizebreastfeeding #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #baby #newborn #birth #pregnancy #healthypregnancy #healthymom #fitmom #fitmama #momstrong #momboss #family #postpartum #postpregnancy #postpartumfitness #daughter #motivation #inspiredaily #instagood

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“Thank you so much for the support, love, and encouragement! I can’t thank y’all enough for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It makes me feel normal!” Leah has responded.

She’s also taken the time to answer the many questions about her breastfeeding journey:

  • “I have a slight oversupply that I’ve been working with”.
  • She does utilise the shield.
  • She doesn’t have lip or tongue tie.
  • She has a tight jaw which makes it difficult for a good latch, but currently working on it.
  • She does have fine diapers and weight gain, though her dirty diapers are always my obsession and concern.
  • I do have a nursing pillow, I just didn’t use it then!
  • We are in week 6, but my hesitation started during week 4 when she had tummy trouble.
  • I am working with a LC (lactation consultant).
  • I do plan to push through and not give up!!!! I’m doing this! My first goal is 6 months if my body allows for it.”

As Leah points out: “Motherhood is hard, but it takes a village! Even an Instagram village”. We couldn’t agree more! We have a huge archive of breastfeeding information available, and support is available through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

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