How To Get Loved Up Without Doing It

If lovemaking isn’t making an appearance on the to-do list in your household, you can recreate those loved-up feelings and that sense of intimacy by doing other things.

How To Get Loved Up Without Doing It

Being intimate goes beyond getting down in funky town, it’s about that closeness, about being together and maintaining your relationship.

Without intimacy with your partner you might as well be flatmates, which is less than ideal, especially if you’re in the trenches of parenting together and need to remain a united front.

Thanks to the Healthy Women website, here are some suggestions as to how you and your partner can maintain intimacy without intercourse:

How To Get Loved-Up Without Doing It

1. Go back in time

Remember how sparks flew when you first meet or were madly in love? Try pretending you’re a new couple again and recreate those feelings.

Maybe you couldn’t keep your hands off each other or maybe you were taking it slow. Instead of hitting the sack, hit the couch and make out like you’ve just fell in love for the first time.

2. Be touchy-feely

This one might be harder for mums with young children and babies who feel like they’re always being pulled or prodded.

But often in long-term relationships, we stop touching each other unless we want a bit of horizontal mambo. Try making an effort to touch your partner more, a kiss, a hug or even a random stroke of the cheek.

Fact: Your children will love seeing you and your partner having a cuddle or a kiss, it will show them how much you love each other.

3. Try holding hands

The act of holding hands isn’t just for young lovers or those sweet old couple you see walking hand in hand at the supermarket or the street.

Pick a moment when you’re on the beach, walking to the park with the kids or going out for dinner and take your partners hand in yours, even just for a few minutes. It’s a nice way to remind yourselves that you choose each other.

4. Laugh, dance or both

Turn up the radio or TV and have a slow dance together. It will either become very intimate or you’ll laugh at the situation, which is something couples don’t do enough of together.

Try to take life less seriously and reminisce about the good old days and fun times you’ve shared. There are some incredible mental health benefits to be had from a good belly laugh.

5. Explore intimacy beyond sexuality

If it’s been years since you did more than just have dinner or see a movie with your partner then develop a new interest together. Start exercising or working out at the same time, learn to cook or take up tennis or golf.

Physically you’ll feel great but the benefits of such activities extend beyond the immediate pleasure of being together; the new interests will stimulate your brain and provide numerous new opportunities for conversation.

Tip: Here’s some advice on what to do if you and your partner have mismatched libidos.


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