Jessica Biel Was Justin Timberlake’s Boss…Say What?

Jessica Biel is one kickass mum.

Firstly, she’s married to everyone’s 90’s crush, Justin Timberlake. Secondly, she recently produced and starred in her latest movie, The Book Of Love (not to mention she was 8 months pregnant at the time). But that’s not what makes her so kickass. What makes her kickass is that she was her husband’s BOSS on set of her movie. Slay sister.

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The Book Of Love

Promoting her new movie, The Book Of Love, recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the actress gushes over her husband and his many talents. You see, Justin composed the score for the entire movie. As Jimmy and Jess got chatting…the duo realised Jess (being the producer and all) was actually her hubby’s BOSS on set! And at eight months pregnant, I think that would make any wife happy.

‘Everything Was So Great’

Jessica speaks extremely highly of her musically talented husband, explaining how ‘everything was great.’  She did joke however about getting her producing partner to break the news to Justin if there was anything they wanted changing.

Jessica has been doing the rounds, promoting her new flick. She was also recently on The Ellen DeGeneres show. This time she was trying to prank Justin with some fake baby news. As Ellen and Jess had a little giggle together, the Trolls actor was having none of it. He hilariously remarked, “Oh, well I can’t wait to find out whose it is!” Touche, Mr. Timberlake.

Have a look at the full Jimmy Kimmel interview below.

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