Kate Has Lost 9kg and Feels Fantastic

Here you can see my latest pregnancy weight loss photo. I have achieved this through the Healthy Mummy Smoothie range and the 28 day plan.

I am over the moon that I have lost 9kg on these two plans. I have a few more I would like to lose, but I feel great and am so happy.

Kate Has Lost 9kg

After my 2nd babe I had put on a lot of weight. This was due to eating too much sugar. A few months later my Dad passed away and then my little one was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy.  She was having seizures at the age of 5 months.

I was exhausted and stressed beyond belief. I was feeding every hour, through the day and night. To get through I ate when and whatever I could to survive. This meant energy dense foods.

A bit down the track I went to the park with the kids and I was exhausted from just running and playing. Being only 32, I felt awful! I looked at myself in my undies in the mirror and was horrified. I felt so sad that I had let myself get like this.

I had to do something, just for myself. I had to lift myself back up. So the next week I ordered the 28 day plan and my Healthy Mummy Smoothies. I prepared all the shopping lists and we were ready to embark.

Finally my start date arrived and I was nervous but it was easy. The food was delicious and super easy to prepare and cook. I lost 5 kg in just the first few week simply by following the 28 day plan, drinking the smoothies and focusing on healthy snacks.

I love looking in the mirror more now as I feel fantastic, full of energy and of course 9kg lighter. The best bit is I am in my pre 1st baby jeans which was 3.5 years ago!!!

Thank you so much,

Kate Inglish xoxoxox

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written by:

Amanda Dos Santos

Mandy is an experienced Nutritionist, food scientist and writer with over 10 years experience in the Heath industry. She has been part of the Healthy Mummy team of experts since 2012, writing informative and current blog posts and contributing to our recipe books. She has played an integral part in creating the recipes on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges since they first started in July 2014.Mandy is a mum of three and loves working for The Healthy Mummy, ”Especially on the challenges as I can create recipes which empower women to create nourishing food for themselves and their families’."