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Lauren Lost 15kg In Just Six Months AND Kept It Off

Hi ladies, I’m Lauren and I’m one of your Motivating Mums for the month of August. I’m a single mum to two children, Zya 5 and Lennox 3.

Lauren 15kg weight loss

Before I joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I was in a very unhappy marriage. I was miserable, lethargic, overweight, unhealthy, bloated and had zero confidence. I also had every excuse under the sun as to why I would not succeed in this program.

I looked at all the other successful women and made comments to myself like “She must have someone look after her children while she exercises, or she must have a personal trainer, or a more supportive husband, or more money.”

In January 2015, I separated from my husband. Then in July 6th, I’d run out of excuses and finally bit the bullet and signed up weighing 71.6kg.

I lost 15kg in 6 months and I now weigh 56.5kg!

The challenge is the absolute best thing EVER to not only lose weight safely, but to teach you and your family what a healthy lifestyle really is. I also drink one Healthy Mummy Smoothie per day for breakfast. I still follow the meal plan now even though I’m at my goal weight because it’s just so easy. The meals are so simple yet so delicious and nutritious. There are always so many amazing new recipes being created.

I need to be fit, happy and healthy for my children, and I want them to understand what a healthy life is and how to make healthier choices. I’m a better mum because of this program.

The continuous support from the company and from every single lady in the Healthy Mummy Facebook support group has helped me reach so many of my goals over the past year and a million thank you’s could never be enough.

I can’t wait to help motivate, inspire and encourage you all through August, and I hope you can do the same for me. Let’s do this ladies, let’s get Summer ready!

Lauren xx

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