Why Learning To Cook Is The Key To Your Health

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One of the most important lessons and skills in life is being able to cook.

Why Learning To Cook Is The Key To Your Health

Now I am not talking about whipping up a gourmet fare of Moreton Bay bugs on an exotic Asian crunchy salad mousse (or you could if you like).

I am talking about the simple healthy meals you cook every night, day in day out.

This is one of the exact reasons why the Healthy Mummy 28 day plan is such a great ally in your weight loss journey as you get 28 days worth of meals with the recipes. You can learn these recipes and use them in your daily life ongoing and keep up your healthy eating journey.

There are many reasons why learning to cook is so important. Some of these are:

Reduce the sugar and salt in your meal

The reason why processed meals and restaurant meals taste so good is because they are ‘seasoned’ with a LOT of sodium and sugar. You will find this even more so in processed foods. Around 70% of our sodium intake comes from processed foods, so by simply reducing your intake of processed foods you are doing a great thing for your overall health.

Foods that do not even taste salty often are high in sodium. Similarly with sugar.

When you cook at home, you reduce this intake further. Simple seasoning with salt is not really a concern.

Reduce the fat in your meals

Just like sugar and salt, fat can often be high in processed and restaurant meals. Of course we want our meals to taste delicious at home, but we can do that with different ingredients such as herbs and spices rather than fat (or sugar and salt).

Increase your intake of vegetables

When you are out or if you order some takeaway the serving size of vegetables are not the same as what you should be having each day.

We should be aiming for five serves of vegetables each day and each serve is ½ cup of uncooked vegetables or 75grams of cooked vegetables.

Not many of my restaurant meals or takeaway meals EVER have that many vegetables. And it is quite unlikely that you would add additional vegetables to your plate.

When you are home and cooking you are able to add extra or have a side of vegetables or salad.

Aim to have half your plate filed with vegetables.

Limit your portion size

A serving size of meat is roughly the size of the palm of your hand. Rice or pasta is around ½ cup. Unless I have eaten at a upmarket restaurant, the serving sizes are often DOUBLE the recommended serving size.

This lends us to eat more than what we should be eating as we often feel like we have to finish our plate (which you don’t) or we simply want to eat all of the food we have paid for (also, you do not have to).

At home you have much more control about how much goes onto your plate, a long with the actual plate size. It is suggested that by eating on a smaller plate you will actually eat less.

Teach your children to cook

Like mentioned in a post the other day about helping your kids to make better choices we mentioned parental and maternal modelling. This is the same with cooking.

By YOU cooking, you can also get your kids into the kitchen with you and help, even just a little. This will help them learn the importance about cooking, healthy eating and where food comes from.

Don’t forget that on our website we have a huge range of recipes. There are some great ones on there. My 3 favourite that are doing the rounds at our house this Spring are:

1. Crunchy Beef Noodle Salad

2. Stuffed Capsicums ( I switch between rice and quinoa)

3. Veggie Frittata

If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding.

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