Here are 24 of the least popular baby names of 2017

There are HEAPS of lists making the rounds with the most popular names of the year, but what about the LEAST popular?

Why, you may ask, would you want to know the unpopular names? Well, it turns out they’re unique, old-fashioned and some are REALLY CUTE!

Many parents scout the internet and baby name books for a name that’s not going to pop up regularly on the kindergarten register. Check out Baby Centre’s list of ‘endangered’ baby names for 2017 below:

Portrait of a one month old, sleeping, newborn, baby girl. She is swaddled in pink and sleeping in a tiny bucket.

24 of the LEAST popular baby names of 2017

14 of the least popular girl names

1. Anita

Meaning: In Sanskrit, Anita means ‘full of grace, mercy, favor, variety, a leader, without guile’.

2. Bertha

Meaning: A female Germanic name that means ‘bright one’.

3. Bonnie

Meaning: Bonnie comes from the Scottish word meaning ‘pretty, attractive’.

4. Cilla

Meaning: Cilla is a Latina word and it means ‘ancient’ or ‘daughter of Laomedon’.

5. Cindy

Meaning: This name is derived from the names Lucinda and Cinderella. It means ‘light’.

6. Cynthia

Meaning: This Greek name means ‘from Mount Cynthus’.

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7. Donna

Meaning: Donna is an Italian word that means ‘woman’.

8. Dorothy

Meaning: Made famous from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy means ‘Gift of God’. 

9.  Edna

Meaning: In Hebrew this name means ‘pleasure’. 

10. Gail

Meaning: This name is derived from the name Abigail, it means ‘rejoicing’. 

11. Janice

Meaning: Janice is the feminine form of John. It means ‘God is gracious’.

12. Karen

Meaning: Karen is a Greek name and it means ‘pure’.

13. Marcia

Meaning: Marcia is a Latin name and it means ‘of Mars’.

14. Mildred

Meaning: Mildred is an old English name that means ‘gentle strength’.

4 month old baby in owl sleeping on blue blanket

10 of the least popular boys names

1. Bertram

Meaning: Bertram is a German name that means ‘bright raven’.  

2. Clarence

Meaning: Clarence means ‘bright and fair’.

3. Clive

Meaning: The English meaning of the name Clive is ‘cliff’ or ‘lives at the cliffs’.

4. Edmund

Meaning: Edmund is a French name and means ‘prosperous protector’.

5. Gus

Meaning: Gus comes from the Latin name Augustus and means ‘majestic’.


6. Frank

Meaning: Frank is a French name that means ‘Frenchman’ or ‘free one’.

7. Ian

Meaning: Ian is a Scottish name and is the Gaelic form of John.

8. Roald

Meaning: Roald is a Scandinavian name and means ‘powerful’.

9. Ricky

Meaning: Ricky has derived from the name Richard and means ‘powerful, strong ruler’.

10. Roger

Meaning: Roger means ‘famed spear’.

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