The Names Of The Men Most Likely To Become Dads in 2017

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Last week we revealed the 30 names of the women most likely to have a baby next year. Well, now it’s the dads’ turn with our official list of the names of the men most likely to be on nappy changing duty in 2017.

Is your partner’s name on the list?

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average age of Aussie fathers is 33.1 (the average age of Aussie mums is 31 years). What this means is that if your partner was born in 1983 or 1984, then he is at the prime procreation age.

With this in mind, we headed to the Australian Birth, Deaths and Marriages records of the past to determine the most popular boys’ names of these years. Statistically speaking, the men with the most popular names of these years hold the highest chance of becoming dads.

Congratulations to the men with these popular names of the past – you may be hearing the pitter patter of little feet very soon!

A Survival Guide For The New Dad In Your Life

2017’s Class of Dads

  1. Michael
  2. Matthew
  3. Christopher
  4. Daniel
  5. David
  6. Andrew
  7. Benjamin
  8. James
  9. Luke
  10. Adam
  11. Joshua
  12. Scott
  13. Mark
  14. Robert
  15. Paul
  16. Timothy
  17. Nicholas
  18. John
  19. Ryan
  20. Aaron
  21. Nathan
  22. Jason
  23. Anthony
  24. Thomas
  25. Simon
  26. Bradley
  27. Brendan
  28. Justin
  29. Brett
  30. William
  31. Shane
  32. Adrian
  33. Mitchell
  34. Alexander
  35. Joel

What About Mums?

While Michael, Matthew, Christopher and Daniel may be the ones with the highest chance of becoming dads this year, what about women? We crunched the numbers of the women most likely to fall pregnant in the New Year as well. Have a read right here to see if your name (or the names of your friends) made the list. And, if both you and your partner made the cut, then 2017 might just be your lucky year!

*This list is just a bit of fun (based on real statistics)*


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