Mum Shows Raw Reality Of What Post Partum REALLY Looks Like

When friends and family share birth announcements and pictures on social media, they often look lovingly at their newborn and shy away from the reality of postpartum.

This mum so brilliantly shares the raw side of what things look like right after having a baby, that made us give a little giggle (because we’ve all been there.)

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In a mesh pair of very glamorous underwear, pads are used to catch the aftermath of child birth.


Lochia is the technical term for the month-long-afterbirth-period. A side effect most women deal with after giving birth.  Lochia starts off bright red and can be quite heavy, but soon turns into a brownish-pink colour and becomes weaker over the month. It eventually tapers off to yellow or white discharge. It can be very uncomfortable, but Amanda Bacon decided to embraced it and fixed the issue – with a mum sized nappy.

Those surfboard looking pads the midwives so politely hand you on the maternity ward can be quite confronting, but Amanda just gets on with life and makes a diaper out of them. Give this mum an engineering award, STAT.

My favourite part about this photo is the epic thumbs up and smile the Dad is pulling. He knows this photo is probably going to go viral and we hope that Amanda looked at it and laughed.

Is It Over-Sharing?

No way, not at all. If mums knew the perhaps brutal reality of childbirth as well as the rainbow and sunshine part of it all, we might not get such a rude shock when it happens to us.

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Krystal Haddad

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