Mums explain how Carb X helps them lose weight and feel less bloated

Carb X is an amazing Healthy Mummy product that can be used part of your weight loss and health plan if you’re a big carb lover.

Whilst not all carbohydrates are bad for you, too many refined carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, bread, sugar and ice cream can make losing weight difficult.

This revolutionary new product contains the superfood white bean extract which has been shown in research to delay the digestion of complex carbohydrates, slowing normal carbohydrate uptake and supporting carbohydrate metabolism.

Two mums, Michelle Knight and Fi Redding, explain why they love Carb X so much…

Mums explain how Carb X helps them lose weight and feel less bloated

Michelle on why she swears by Carb X

Michelle Knight tells us she loves carbs and Carb X has really helped her feel less bloated.

“For me, it’s bread and butter. That’s my comfort go to. I find Carb X works better for me particularly after a carb binge when I experience carb bloat,” she admits.

“I find instead of being in incredible pain for a couple of days in eases after 12 hours not 72 hours. I limit myself to only using it for three days when I’m having strong carb urges as I really believe it’s better as a tool not as a reliant. 

“And I use it to help me establish healthy habits.”

In fact, Michelle says on the days she finds herself eating bread and pasta she uses Carb X.

“It definitely helps with the carb bloat which is why I love it,” she says.

Michelle’s favourite carb-heavy recipes:

All these recipes can be found on The Healthy Mummy app.

“I love that with The Healthy Mummy, I can still enjoy carbs and when I have those days of feeling tired or depressed and have too many carbs, that I can take Carb X to help me feel less bloated.”

Fi is a big carb X fan as well

Meanwhile, Healthy Mummy Fi Redding also tells us she’s a fan of Carb X.

“I am a big carb lover. I love pasta, pizza, rolls, tacos and simple and delicious toast,” she says.

“I started taking Carb X as I loved the idea of being able to burn the carbs before they turned to fat. I thought anything had to be better then nothing.

“When I have a lot of carbs, I am low on energy. With Carb X, this has all gone. I don’t feel bloated, I’m not as tired and I feel so much better.”

Fi says she takes Carb X when she is cooking a dinner high in carbs, like Pizza, pasta or bread.

She also takes Carb X alongside with Control X,  a delicious drink that has been designed with glucomannan to help you feel fuller for longer.

Fi’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

What’s more, all these recipes can be found on The Healthy Mummy app.

Ready to try Carb X for yourself?

Did you know that Carb X is designed for people to still be able to enjoy their meals without the carb-consequences?!

This delicious vanilla flavour drink is perfect to take just before any meal, especially meals including complex carbs like pasta, rice or bread. You can even add Carb X to your morning smoothie.

Why You’ll Love Carb X

  • Kick carbs to the curb
  • Slows normal carbohydrate uptake^
  • Supports carbohydrate metabolism*
  • Contains white kidney bean extract, a superfood that slows carbs being broken down into sugars.
  • Zinc, Thiamine and Chromium 
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism – Chromium helps the body metabolise carbohydrates
  • Delicious vanilla flavour
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Get your Carb X here and kick carbs to kerb!

*Chromium, Zinc and Thiamin support carbohydrate metabolism.


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