NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! Supercharge your Smoothie with our New Collagen Boosters

The Healthy Mummy has launched a new and exciting revolutionary product - a Collagen Booster to add to your smoothie!
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WOW! We are so excited to launch our new and exciting revolutionary product!!

Introducing the Brand New Collagen Smoothie Booster!

How to Supercharge your Smoothie!

If you’re using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, you’re already getting a huge dose of amazing vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but now we’ve come up with a new and convenient way to give your Smoothie a supercharged boost of Collagen!

As we get older, our natural collagen productions begins to wane, which means our skin can become less elastic and more wrinkles can start to creep in. Along with lots of other health benefits, a  daily collagen supplement is a great way to improve your overall skin health and these new Collagen Boosters couldn’t be easier to use.

The flavourless and colourless sachet can be simply added to your smoothie prior to blending and even though you can’t taste it, the formulated powder will BOOST your collagen production to help transform your hair, nails and skin’s health from within. Whats more, it can be added to other things too! If you don’t use smoothies, you can add it to water or even sprinkle it over food or add to other recipes – it’s tasteless so you won’t even know it’s there.

Along with 3 grams of Collagen per serve, the Booster also has added Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc that also helps maintain healthy skin.


Each sachet contains Highly Purified Collagen Peptides which will naturally BOOST collagen and are scientifically proven to have enhanced absorption function so your body is getting the maximum benefits in each serve!

What the nutritionist says!

Nutritionist Cheree Sheldon was more than impressed this new product.

She says, ‘I use collagen everyday!’

‘It’s part of my treatment plan for bad knees and as a pro-active approach to health ageing.  I know that we slow down in development as we age, and its one of the reasons why our hair, skin and nails become weaker. I want to stay ahead of the game and keep healthy cells!’

‘The Healthy Mummy Collagen Booster has the added benefit of silica for strong structures, and the cofactors zinc and vitamin C that our bodies need for collagen production. As the boosters will go really well in smoothies, and be easy to add to raw treats, I’m looking forward to using it as part of my daily routine.’

Why do we need Collagen?

Collagen is important for the body in many ways including joint and gut health but it is also what keeps our skin nice and stretchy (and for us ladies this means less wrinkles!). It is the most abundant protein in the body making up 1/3 overall with 70% of the protein of our skin made up of collagen.

what is collagen

We start to lose collagen pretty early through simple age related degeneration for something so important. This breakdown actually begins in our mid-twenties. Yikes! By age 40 our bodies make 20% less collagen.

Cheree Sheldon says,  “Having adequate collagen levels is critical for maintaining healthy joints and diseases. Osteoarthritis is usually the first sign of cartilage degeneration. Worst of all, we just don’t get enough from our diets anymore. Our ancestor’s diets contained loads of collagen from whole animal use and making broths and stocks from the bones of animals, while we have gone towards ultra processed diets.”

“Being a flavourless powder, this will so easy to add to your smoothies or recipes to increase your collagen intake!”

Collagen may also help to assist with weight loss!

Collagen allows us to build stronger bones, joints and connective tissue while also supporting the structural integrity of our organs. It assists with wound healing and injuries, repairs the gut and best of all keeps our hair, skin, nails and skin healthy and glowing.

What else is in the Collagen Boosters?

The Healthy Mummy Collagen Smoothie Booster also contains ingredients that are known as co-factors for collagen production. Curry leaf is included for zinc and Camu Camu for vitamin C, both of which are used by our body for collagen production and skin integrity. Bamboo is included as its a great source of silica, another structural component that makes our cells smooth and strong.

Mums are RAVING about this new product!

Mum of 4 Sascha, Sydney says, “After 4 kids, my hair, skin and nails are shot! You know those little hairs that try to make a comeback but just can’t quite get there!? The Healthy Mummy smoothie booster has answered my prayers, I don’t have to think.. I just add it to my fave smoothie recipe every morning & it doesn’t affect the taste. Already seeing results and LOVING it.”

Melissa Timmer, Mum of 2, Central Coast says, “Once you hit your 30’s your body stops reducing as much collagen, each year as you get older you produce less and less so it’s super important to me to make sure I’m getting enough collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with skin elasticity and firmness. How convenient that I can grab these handy little packets on the go, chuck it into whatever smoothie I’m drinking. “  

Sarah, Mum of 2, Queensland says, “I’m tired & I’m busy I’m always looking after everyone. I’ve decided to take little steps to start looking after ME. Starting with these little packages of gold. Packed with collagen and goodies to help my skin, lashes, nails, and most of all my mindset. Loving that I can throw in my bag and add into my smoothie when I get 5 minutes for me. 

Lynsey, Mum of 3, Northern NSW says,  “I have been lucky to trial these over the last 2 months and I have been having one daily with my morning smoothie and I can definitely feel the difference. This booster has definitely brought me more of a glow.” 

Jess, Mum of 2, NSW says,I love the new booster! It’s so convenient and easy to use. I’ve been lucky enough to trail it and I’ve definitely noticed a difference overall in my nails and skin. I’ve been adding it to my morning smoothie each afternoon and loving that I can add into any type of smoothie I mix up!! Definitely a go to for my Routine!” 

Reasons to love the Collagen Smoothie Booster?

  • 20 individual 5g sachets to add to your daily smoothie, yoghurt, water or juice
  • Flavourless
  • 3g Collagen per serve
  • Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair^
  • Highly purified Collagen Peptides for enhanced absorption
  • Vitamin C from camu camu contributes to collagen formation
  • Vitamin A for maintaining skin structure
  • Contains mineral silica
  • Zinc from guava leaf  protects from free-radical damage
  • Supports collagen production*
  • Supports bones and cartilage*
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

For more information check our FAQ’s here

Want to help boost your skin’s health and vitality? Get your hands on The Healthy Mummy Collagen Smoothie Booster!

Get your Collagen Smoothie Booster here!

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