Olivia Wilde Shares Picture With Her New Drinking Buddy

Olivia Wilde welcomed her second child, with Jason Sudeikis, a little over a week ago. We are loving the Instagram pics she’s been sharing with her fans. Especially the latest one of her breastfeeding Daisy.

My drinking buddy. #neverunderestimatethepowerofawoman

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman

Her shirt perfectly sums it up. And these words resonate well with us here at Healthy Mummy HQ. Never underestimate us. What a woman’s body goes through when she has a baby, is genuinely INCREDIBLE. I’ve had three and I still don’t know how my body did it.

My Drinking Buddy

As Wilde breastfeeds her second little bub, she captures the precious moment with the caption “My drinking buddy.” Maybe in reference to her movie “Drinking Buddies.”

The actress has 2 year old, Otis, with Jason Sudeikis and she speaks openly about breastfeeding, “Breastfeeding is the most natural thing, I don’t know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast.”

Good dudes. ??

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Power to you Olivia, you’re an amazing Mum.

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