10 reasons why parents are more exhausted than you think

New parents plus new baby equals MAJOR exhaustion! Sure, there is a certain amount of sympathy towards the level of tiredness and exhaustion new parents face. However, it seems as soon as bub starts sleeping through the entire night – it’s assumed that mum and dad are also sleeping soundly.

But the reality is, that is just not the case!

The Reality Of What Being A Tired Mum Is Like

1. No sleep

Baby may be sound asleep and have an awesome sleep schedule – but that doesn’t mean mum and dad have the same luxury. As soon as baby is asleep – we are wide awake – monitoring their breathing, ensuring they are warm and completely comfortable. When parents ACTUALLY begin to fall asleep – bub is calling for his/her night feed!

Oh, and just because your kids are no longer newborns doesn’t guarantee you a decent sleep either. Have a toddler? No doubt there will be nights when bub has wet the bed! Have a preschooler? Well, there will be a lot MORE nights where they simply won’t GO to bed. Have a teen? Goodness – that stress alone could keep you up!!!

2. No down time

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We’ve all heard the age old complaint, that as a parent we can’t even poop in peace. This is not even a slight exaggeration. Every single time I go to the bathroom – three little heads poke around the door. As long as my children are awake they are climbing on me, asking for me, speaking to me or needing something from me. #NoRest

3. No days off

Even on a “kid-free day” (which I am yet to experience in my six years of parenting by the way), you have to organise where the children are going, get them there AND send them with food. Then you rush around all day cleaning, washing, and working. Not long later –  you pick the kids up, wash them, feed them dinner and PRAY they will go sleep!

Sick days, holidays, rostered days off… it just doesn’t happen as a parent.

4. Sensory overload

Black and white portrait of cute little boy screaming as loud as he can. Shallow dof, fine grain added.

Picture this. Doors banging. Draws opening. Draws closing. Draws opening AGAIN. Someone crying. Someone laughing. A basket (a full basket, may I add) of Lego being poured all over the floor. Have you ever experienced this? I certainly have. It’s happening as I write this article.

Now, imagine this as your life. Everyday. It is seriously sensory overload! Not only is your mind tired – but thanks to kids – now are your ears and eyes!

5. Cleaning

When you do get (even just a small window) quiet time, there is a kitchen to clean (12 times a day), bathrooms to scrub, floors to mop and so MANY TOYS to pick up! Each and every day my back aches from the amount of bending and snapping I have to do.

6. Laundry


Then there are the clothes. Three children, a man and myself. That’s a lot of clothes. Plus the sheets, the blankets and the towels. I have to do the washing every day, three times a day. Oh my!!!

7. Whirlwind of thoughts

Does the baby need changing? Have the kids got their lunch boxes? Whose birthday is next? When is the next dentist appointment? What time is soccer practice?  Becoming a parent means that your mind is never quiet again….EVER. Goodbye mindfulness!!!

8. Late nights

Young woman awaked by the sunlight coming in the hotel room. She is covering her face with her hand.

Sometimes, you just want to stay up with the hubby and squeeze in the latest shows from Netflix. Besides, the kids can’t watch Game of Thrones! To enjoy our fave TV shows – we need to stay up late. Really late.

9. Let’s get physical

I have two year old who weighs 15kg and insists on “up cuddles” at the beach. I have three year old weighing 18kgs who demands to be carried to bed “like a baby”. I also have a five year old at 20kgs who feels she misses out, so I carry her too… Who knew that with parenting comes SO MUCH physical activity! The plus? You can save on gym memberships!

10. Negotiating

toddler tantrums2

“If you have the pink cup then your sister will give you the purple plate”, “Eat your banana first and then you can have desert”. The negotiations go on and on and on. Every time your child wants something, or you need something, you must be prepared for five minutes of conversations, possible break downs, some tears and someone being disappointed before you can expect to move forward.

Boy is parenting a tiring job! No wonder we are always tired!!!!

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written by:

Jessica Black

Jess is a fiercely passionate storyteller who is mad about fitness and wine drinking, usually not at the same time. She’s a freelance writer who juggles being a mummy to three and hospitality work. When she’s not busy tapping away on her keyboard with a smile on her face she’s chasing the kids or jogging on the beach.