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Rachael Finch shares daughters VERY healthy birthday cake

Model, fitness fanatic and wellness guru, Rachael Finch, has previously shared that her daughter, Violet, didn’t taste sugar until the age of three. Now Rachael has proudly shared the VERY healthy sixth birthday cake she purchased as a special treat.


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I find myself giving the same response when I get asked what my number 1 tip for a healthy life is… . SLOW. DOWN. . I know it sounds simple but it’s pretty difficult to achieve amongst this modern world (aka phones/ work/ kids/ social commitments etc etc) . Slowing the mind & body on a regular basis can have powerful effects. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a deep connection & belief to who I really am. And in addition, in order to speed up, we need to slow down… I become more productive & kick ass when I stop daily to just be present, without thinking about anything. I like to spend 20mins morning and afternoon sitting to meditate although some days with the kids I’ll need to make it an active form of meditation because that’s simply not possible. How can you prioritise this so it becomes a non-negotiable? Whatever it looks like for you, the more you do it, the more energy you’ll be able to cultivate. ✨ . Loved my hair & makeup look today! Thank you to my angels @heidiscarlettkingmakeup + @mandy_kingsman ??‍???

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Rachael Finch shares daughters VERY healthy birthday cake

Mum of two, Rachael, 31, shared a sweet photo of her six-year-old daughter, Violet, holding her unicorn-themed cake, alongside a caption revealing it was created using all-natural ingredients.

‘Our birthday girl… Sweet 6 (going on 16),’ Rachael wrote.

‘This unicorn creation is made from all nuts and plants including coconut, cashews, dates, cacao, lemon and more,’ she shared.

Earlier on Rachael revealed that her daughter Violet, aged three at the time, had never tasted lollies and prefers fruit, sushi or sandwiches at birthday parties.

‘For the first two-and-a-half years of her life Violet didn’t know what sugar tasted like, and she still hasn’t had lollies,’ Rachael revealed.

‘Sometimes at birthday parties, parents don’t have sandwiches or sushi or fruit,’ she said. ‘So before she goes, I make sure she is full of healthy food. ‘

The fitness instructor doesn’t deny her children a treat from time to time but prefers to limit their exposure to sugar.

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