Rae reveals, “I’ve NEVER EVER EVER had this body, this energy or this love of life!”

Rae is proof that you can take control and transform your life no matter what age you are.

From the girl who avoided sports days and never exercised, she is now the fittest and most energetic she’s ever been…and she’s a mum of three!

Rae says, “I am a strong and fit woman! I wasn’t a strong and fit woman before The Healthy Mummy or before kids.”


“I’ve NEVER EVER EVER had this body, this energy or this love of life!”

Rae says, “I haven’t gone back to pre baby body or pre baby fitness. I haven’t even gone back to young teenage Rae fitness.”

Rae is simply A NEW version of herself altogether. What’s more, she says she has never-ever had this body, energy or love for life before. How incredible is that?!

“I was the girl who avoided sports days, who NEVER did swimming, who didn’t play sport.”

The one thing Rae has learnt is just because you NEVER use to do something, doesn’t mean you NEVER WILL!

“Just ‘cos you’ve never, doesn’t mean you can’t. You have an opportunity to change your life, to transform it,” adds Rae.

“Are you doing it? Please start believing in yourself for a minute and knowing that results can be yours. Even results that have never been had before.”

Rae, you are truly an inspiration for all mums, WELL DONE!

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