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We are SUPER IN LOVE with the NEW Salted Caramel Smoothie so we have created five delicious recipes just for you.

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salted caramel

About the Healthy Mummy Smoothies

The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is a DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS meal replacement product, designed especially for busy mums.

1) It is Free from ALL artificial ingredients and has NO fructose in
2) It is FREE from all caffeine and is 96% sugar FREE and 100% fructose free
3) It is safe in breastfeeding
4) It is FREE from gluten
5) It only uses NON GM products
6) It comes in a range of GREAT flavours and tastes
7) It has 24 vitamins and minerals and is high in fibre & protein
8) It is a meal replacement (but a healthy one) and you can choose to use it on its on OR with our popular 28 Day Challenge meals
9) It is FREE from all fillers and accelerants
10) It is used by tens of thousands of mums and has helped mums lose weight in a safe and healthy way!

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