Is your vagina trying to tell you something? Look out for these 5 signs

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Knowing your body and what it needs/is asking for is one thing.

Knowing your vagina is a whole other playing field.

“Is this discharge texture normal? Why do I have this weird smell coming from down there?” These are the types of common questions that enter womens minds and sometimes, we can get too shy to ask, is this normal?

7 facts about vaginal discharge you know you want to know

Now to Love got the low down from Dr Dasha Fielder and the results are in and your questions are answered!

1. Itchy

If you’ve experienced some kind of itchiness around your vagina you’re not alone. World of Irish Nursing states that approximately 80% of women will experience thrush during their lifetimes.

According to Dr Fielder, vaginal itching can be associated with either a fungal infection like thrush or dermatitis and when you feel the itch you should go and consult your doctor. “In most cases, a doctor will examine the area and might take some swabs and prescribe appropriate treatment to use,” she says.

2. Discharge

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’ve never seen this discharge before”, then you may have an infection.

Usually discharge is normal and actually healthy, and can increase more around the time of ovulation (it should be odourless and clear), however if it’s NEW, this may not be normal.

Dr Fielder says, “If you have a new discharge, especially if it has unpleasant smell associated with it, or is thick, yellow, bloody or is associated with itching, burning or pain, see your GP.”

3. Dryness

Dr Fielder points out, all women’s bodies are different, meaning that lubrication levels can certainly vary.

Dryness, especially when in the act of having sex, can be not only painful but frustrating with Dr Fielder saying,”your vagina has a natural lubrication produced by glands that respond to arousal.”

If this isn’t happening for you it may be stress, anxiety or simply you’re not in the mood. If this happens you can use appropriate lubrications on the market or longer foreplay.

4. Lumps and bumps

This is not a great sign. Lumps or bumps may indicate a sexually transmitted infection so you will want to get this checked sooner rather than later.

Dr Fielder confirms, “If you notice them, please book an appointment with your doctor. It is important to perform appropriate tests and treat any infection early.”

5. Odour

If this fishy smell has ever affected you, this could indicate an infection that alas, can be treated!

Instead of using vaginal odour sprays or wipes, getting this checked by your doctor asap is the best thing!

“Physiological discharge should not have unpleasant smell,” says Dr Fielder. “If you have unusual smell it might be a sign of infection. It is best to discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible and have appropriate testing and treatment.”

Exercise can also affect the odour of your vagina, check out these 4 ways exercise can make its mark on your private parts.

For more ways on how to keep your body healthy visit our health section.

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