VIP Registration for 9th Birthday Bag – At a Budget Price

We are SUPER excited to say that to celebrate our 9th Birthday – we are creating a LIMITED EDITION LUXURY Birthday Bag JAMMED with NEW products.

We are ONLY creating 1,000 bags and everything inside it will BE INCREDIBLE.

Everything has been made based on YOUR feedback – with the bag full of LOTS OF EXCLUSIVE Healthy Mummy products that have NEVER been seen before.

We can PROMISE you that you won’t want to miss out on these INCREDIBLE bags. 

So what’s in the bag this year?!

Well we have our brand new Glow Flash Balm (guaranteed to give any tired mum a ‘I have slept 8 hours” GLOW, Pink Epsom Salts to revive aching muscles, Collagen & Lamington Snack bars to beautify you from the inside out, a PINK Healthy Mummy Apron, an AMAZING new Tote Bag, a Body Massager, an Aqua SUPER Sparkly Shaker, Healthy Mummy Super Greens, Body Sculpt Lotion, Metabolism Tablets, 2 x Healthy Mummy Smoothies and Healthy Mummy Protein Powder!

Register to become a VIP today and we will contact you with a special VIP discount!!!

Enter your details below to be first to find out when the bag launches and be on the VIP list to get yours EARLY & get a SPECIAL VIP Discount.



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