How the plans work

How the plans work

The aim of the Healthy Mummy product range & Lose Baby Weight plans is to help mums lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

We create monthly meal & exercise plans designed to fit into the life of a busy mum plus have whole food & natural meal replacement smoothies you can choose to use on our plans to make meal times even easier. You can see why our smoothies are different to others here

The plans focus on helping mums lose weight no matter if your child is a small baby or is a teenager. Our plans are also safe for breastfeeding mums.

Our key focus is a healthy and balanced diet – not a fad or short term weight loss.

We help ordinary every day mums get EXTRAORDINARY results with 9/10 mums recommending our products to their friends and mums losing over 3,000,000 kg on our plans

We also have an enormous support network of mums to help and support you every day. You are not on your own on your weight loss journey and there are tens of thousands of mums – just like you – who you can talk to every day in our private group for support – as well as our fantastic customer support team

And if you are pregnant, you can also see our sister site The Healthy Mummy for a pregnancy healthy eating and exercise range here

You can buy any products in our Healthy Mummy Shop – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount



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