Ever wondered why you can’t say no to hot chips? The answer finally revealed!

Groundbreaking: Research has revealed the reason WHY we can’t so NO to those hot chips (chicken salt included)!

Not only for adults, we’ve never met a child who turns down a hot chip either, and it turns out our brains are programmed to respond to them.

The study from Yale University, found humans had not evolved enough from the days of hunting and gathering to cope with making good decisions about relatively new processed foods high in carbs and fats, such as hot chips and doughnuts (oh dear!).

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Hot chips and they’re addictive nature

The researchers found that the brain’s reward centre valued fat and carb-rich foods above all others. So, you’re brain may want and tell you it wants hot chips but there are much healthier foods to try.

“The biological process that regulates the association of foods with their nutritional value evolved to carefully define the value of a food so that organisms can make adaptive decisions,” Yale University researcher Dana Small said.

The study

Test subjects underwent brains scans while being shown photographs of familiar snacks with different combinations of fat, sugar and carbs and when given a limited amount of money to bid on their first-choice foods, subjects were willing to pay far more for foods high in both carbs and fat.

β€œOur participants were very accurate at estimating calories from fat and very poor at estimating calories from carbohydrate and our study shows that when both nutrients are combined, the brain seems to overestimate the energetic value of the food.

The simultaneous activation of fat and carbohydrate signalling pathways launches an effect that human physiology has not evolved to handle,” the study states.

The researchers said the findings could help to explain how the obesity epidemic took hold.

While having some hot chips every now and then is the definition of living a balanced healthy lifestyle, overeating and choosing foods like this and often, is not so great for our health!

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If all this hot chip talk is already making you crave the fatty food, try your hand at these Sweet potato fries as an equally delicious alternative!

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