Wife Births Baby Number 4 En Route To Hospital And Dad Captures The Moment

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This story is what movies are made of.

Wife Births Baby Number 4 En Route To Hospital

Jesse and Patty Snider were casually on their way to the hospital, driving on the 405 in Los Angeles, no rush; then Patty reaches down and births her own baby. Just like that. And still looks amazing.

Yes, you heard correct.

Minutes after the surprise delivery, the stunning video that has since gone viral was shot stopped at a red traffic light; saying they tried to film 3 lights prior but couldn’t get it right. The happy couple look so calm and in love simply saying they left it too long to get to the hospital.

The Snider family already have 3 children and this Mumma definitely knows what she’s doing; Parker Pryde is already breast feeding with ease on the way to the hospital.

Their second child was also nearly born en route, just making it to the hospital with minutes to spare.

With such a strong entrance and name, this girl will do great things.

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