The Healthy Mummy Story

The Healthy Mummy website is a program created exclusively for mums.

It was established in 2010 by Rhian Allen, a mum of 2 (that’s Rhian below with the blonde hair holding one of her boys), who was passionate about providing a solution and support network to help mums lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way – that didn’t include fad methods and also was safe for breast feeding mums.

The Lose Baby Weight program has helped mums to lose over 3,000,000 kg and is recommended by 9/10 mums to their friends

All products on the program are from The Healthy Mummy (which is the master brand) are created by Nutritionists and Post Natal Exercise Experts.

The Lose Baby Weight community is also extremely active and supportive with over 250,00 mums on social media and over 30,000 in the Private Support Group.


What is involved?

Mums on our Lose Baby Weight plans use a combination of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

The two can be used together or on their own.

If you’d love some recipe inspiration and to see just how easy our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is to follow. Download a FREE recipe and exercise sampler from the challenge here

Or you can join the challenge directly here

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an online program providing over 1,500 recipes, customisable menus, personalised shopping lists, daily exercises and videos plus constant support.

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