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Mum-of-3 loses 20kgs AND boosts her milk supply by upping her calories

Mum-of-three loses 20kgs AND boosts milk supply by upping her calories

This mum-of-three was hesitant at first to consume the recommended 2,300 calories per day while breastfeeding her second baby. After all, she was always under the impression that less calories equaled more weight loss. However, Jessica now says, “How wrong I was!” This is Jessica’s breastfeeding story.

Tahini Bite

Nut free tahini bites just 68 calories

For a nut free treat that the kids can enjoy with you, these simple tahini bites will hit the spot. These sweet little bites are just 68 calories each, so why not enjoy two for afternoon tea with a cup of herbal tea? As part of the 28 Day Weight […]

What are galactagogues? And how do they affect you?

What are galactagogues? And how do they affect you?

Midwife, Lactation consultant (IBCLC), Child and Family Health Nurse, baby wearing consultant and mum-of-two, Bel Moore, explains everything you need to know about galactagogues. So what are galactagogues? Galactagogues are herbal or prescription substances that have milk-boosting properties to increase breast milk yield. The NEW Healthy Mummy Breastfeeding Plus combines nutrients, vitamins and […]