Delicious AND Healthy Tiramisu Cake

This beautifully rich and AMAZINGLY yummy tiramisu cake will have to feeling like you’re cheating your 28 day weight loss challenge. At the Healthy mummy we never want you to miss out on the foods you love and we’re here to help you make healthier choices on your favourite dishes.

exercising with a baby

Help! My Bladder Leaks When I Exercise!

It’s estimated that 30 per cent of women will experience some form of bladder leakage after birth, particularly when exercising. But this doesn’t mean that urinary incontinence should be accepted as a normal consequence of having a baby. According to Women’s Heath Queensland Wide, specialists in women’s health across the lifespan, […]


Delicious And HEALTHY Turkish Delight Bites

These delicious bites are perfect when you need an energy boost. They’re beautifully rich with a fresh hit of raspberries, they’ll will be a hit on hot summer days! At only 140 calories each they’re a winner if you add them your healthy eating plan too.