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Get 90% off the NEW Summer 12 Week Challenge! ONLY $29 with bonus INSTANT access! Starts Jan 1st

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The proof is here – Pilates is great for your health

Pilates has seen a jump in popularity recently thanks to a spate of celebrity endorsements, including the Kardashians, model Hailey Bieber and actress Kate Hudson. Even elite athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Andy Murray incorporate some form of pilates into their training to improve performance. Pilates is said to be good for your balance,…

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Popular lunch food banned from schools, try our Healthy options instead

Besides nut and seafood bans we need to keep in mind when packing lunches due to common allergies, WA schools have also introduced a limit on ham in their school canteens. Parents are understandably confused and frustrated. The Cancer Council has actually recommended for a few years now that parents avoid ham sandwiches for lunch…

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Weight loss on a blue plate spelt with scrabble letters

The weight loss recipe everyone is raving about! It’s a MUST TRY!

Yet another new recipe from the 28 Day Challenge is so popular with members that it ‘goes viral‘ within The Healthy Mummy community! In this post, you’ll discover: A must-try weight loss recipe that everyone is raving about. Our members’ experience with the utterly delicious PEPPERONI POTATO PIZZA BAKE Recipe! A reliable resource for thousands…

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10 one-pot (or pan!) dinner recipes 

If you HATE cleaning up the Kitchen after cooking a big meal for the family, then these recipes are perfect for you! These easy one-pot recipes mean you can simply toss all the ingredients into one pot and away you go. It’s the best, no-fuss kind of cooking in our opinion! 10 one-pot (or pan!)…

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