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5 Ingredient Protein Rich Chia Peanut Butter Balls

5 ingredient protein rich chia peanut butter balls

These date-free bliss balls have just five ingredients and can quickly be made in the food processor. The goodness of oats and chia seeds, combined with the peanut butter, give you a big kick of protein – meaning you’ll have loads of energy to power through until your next meal. […]

Nikola Green 2

What this mum who lost 17kg eats each day

This mama has lost 17kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after giving birth to twins! Nikola Green reveals she no longer focuses on the number on the scales, as she says they don’t give her an accurate portrait of her new, slimmer toned body. “I’m in the healthiest, fittest, happiest frame of […]

Weight Loss
Homemade Marshmallow Easter Eggs Just 53 Calories

Homemade marshmallow Easter eggs – just 53 calories!

WOW – 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Eleanor Hannah has been cooking up a storm in preparation for Easter. Eleanor says, “From my experience over the last 4 years I have learnt to swap and change ingredients to make recipes a little healthier. “I have 4 kids and they all LOVED […]


A stay at home mum’s SURVIVAL GUIDE

Since becoming a mum I have read and researched every aspect of being a parent that I can find. How-to guides on pregnancy, child birth, parenting and even cooking. However, the one ‘how-to guide’ I haven’t stumbled across yet is ‘how to survive being a stay at home mum’. I […]

Fruit and No Nut Chocolate

5 amazing foods to help boost fertility

We’ve read it enough that eating a healthy pregnancy diet aids in growing your baby, and looking after your own health throughout the 9 months of creation. But taking a step back, experts say that eating certain foods will also help increase your fertility. fIt is one of the most […]

3D baby model

Parents-to-be can now receive 3D models of unborn babies

For those parents-to-be that can’t wait to meet their baby, here’s the next best thing – a 3D model of your baby! Expectant mums and dads can hold an exact replica of their growing bundle of joy, thanks to a Russian-based company. Embryo 3D offers metal plated models of foetuses after ultrasound scans […]

Thermomix Warm Mexican Quinoa Salad

Thermomix warm Mexican quinoa salad

Here’s a delicious meal idea that can be made in a flash in your Thermomix. Perfect for a hot or cold lunch or dinner, this colourful Mexican-inspired quinoa salad is packed with fresh flavours – and is so good for you. If you haven’t already tried protein packed quinoa, it’s a […]