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7 Ways And Wives’ Tales That Could Induce Labour

We’re all about trying new things here at The Healthy Mummy, especially if your due date is looming or has passed and you’re in a hurry to meet your precious baby. While there’s no medically proven way to actually start labour without medical intervention, there sure are plenty of old […]

Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

First there was the healthy eating recipe for making your own pizza dough. Then, there was the 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe (just flour and yoghurt – who knew?). Well today we have another great flour-free recipe for you to try – using grated cauliflower as the base!  That’s pizza […]

Kids Sugar Free Lunch Box Muffins

Kids Sugar Free Lunch Box Muffins

Making lunch boxes is something that every mum loves to hate.  It’s not easy trying to keep the kids happy as well as keeping them healthy. These sugar free lunch box muffins are great because you can pre-make them and use as a breakfast, as well as a lunch box snack and […]