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Cicily Goodwin
53 kgs lost

Cicily, 23, who is a mum-of-two, has lost an INCREDIBLE 53 kgs in just 18 months!

Nikki Miles
29 kgs lost

Nikki has lost 29 kgs since November 2016 and now this stunning mum is brimming with confidence!

Kaitie Purssell
21 kgs lost

After losing 21 kgs Kaitie’s goals have changed from weight loss to self-love, confidence and fitness! She feels amazing.

Stacey Chisholm
40 kgs lost

Stacey has lost an AWESOME 40 kgs. In fact, she is now training to be a personal trainer!

Amy Ellen Atkinson
55 kgs lost

Mum-of-four Amy, 28, has lost an UNBELIEVABLE 55 kgs and is loving her newfound energy and confidence.

Elle Temple
20 kgs lost

Today Elle is thankful that she is no longer afraid of having photos taken of herself!

Sascha Farley
25 kgs lost

Mum-of-two Sascha, 27, used to be self conscious but that changed after she lost over 25 kgs.

Tawhai Duffy
50 kgs lost

It’s tough trying to lose weight whilst breastfeeding, being sleep deprived and living a busy life, but being a good role model for her girls makes it all worthwhile.

Nicola Oates
45 kgs lost

Since starting the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in January 2017, Nicola has lost45 kgs, woohoo!

Courtney Appleton
52 kgs lost

Courtney has lost 52 kgs and gained so much more. She’s fit healthy happy and confident in herself.

*Results may vary from person to person

“I am now the happiest, healthiest, most confident version of myself. I have beaten depression and am now living the best life possible for myself and my two daughters. I couldn’t be more proud of the person I am today because of The Healthy Mummy.”  

Samara SAMARA LOST 17 kgs on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Samara lost 17 kgs

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