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12 weight loss mistakes NOT to make in May

Weight. Loss. Mistakes. Most people want to lose weight fast. What’s more, many are after a quick fix for weight loss. But this is the first mistake you could make when trying to losing weight. The route to successful and long term weight loss is where the road is healthy, sustainable and […]

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challenge and diabetes

How the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge can benefit mums with diabetes

According to Diabetes Australia 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. That’s one person every five minutes. Over the past 12 months, 100,000 Australians have developed diabetes. Diabetes is also said to be the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia. In this article, Nutritionist Elisha Danine sheds light on the causes, making healthier food choices […]

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4 Ingredient Nut Free Chocolate Cups

4 ingredient nut free chocolate cups

Here’s a recipe that’s so simple, yet so delicious. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar from the supermarket or petrol station (where they are kept inconveniently at eye level!) make these instead. You can customise to your heart’s content, so if you prefer to add nuts go for it. If […]

10 ways to lose 4kilograms before May 31

10 ways to lose 4 kilograms by May 31

Can you believe mums have lost over 3 million kilograms with The Healthy Mummy?! AMAZING! We’ve been helping busy mums shift the baby weight and blast the belly fat for seven years, and we are CONFIDENT that we can help you too. One of the BIGGEST components to a successful weight loss […]

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period pain

10 weird period cramp remedies that strangely work

There’s nothing worse than when those pesky period cramps creep up on you each month, but you may not have to endure the pain anymore. (Hurrah!) While there are some straightforward ways of easing the pain, like taking pain killers or using a hot water bottle, we decided to scour […]