FAQ’s on NEW 28 Day Challenge

Q. When does it start?

A. The next 28 Day round starts on October 4th and features 15 minute meals!

Q. Is there a 7 day detox before the official start date?

Yes! We have a 7 day detox/cleanse starting 27th September to prepare you so you get the BEST results on the October 28 Day Challenge! When you become a member of the 28 Day Challenge you get access to ALL challenges including our 7 day detox challenge so, no need to pay more, you will be automatically entered into this challenge.

Q. Do I need to be a Healthy Mummy App member to join?

A. Yes you do – and we have a super special offer here!

Q. Do I need to pay if I am a Healthy Mummy app & Challenge member?

A. No, you already have access to ANY challenge we do as part of your membership.

Q. Do I need to submit my 28 Day Challenge goals?

A. Yes, so you can be entered into the competition to WIN an Ultimate Healthy Mummy Prize Pack valued at OVER $700 AND $1,000 cash. PLUS, stating your goal will help keep you accountable to reaching it!

Q. I pledged for the 12-week challenge, do I still need to submit a goal for the 28 Day Challenge?

A. Yes you can. If you would like to reset your goals and set a short term goal for the next 28 Days we think this is a great opportunity to reset and set a few mini goals to help achieve your bigger goal! Submit your pledge here!

Q. I am taking part in the 12 week challenge, am I still eligible to take part in the 28 Day Challenge and the prizes?

A. Yes! This will be one of the challenges as part of the 12 weeks, so you can certainly take part in the cash and prizes.

Q. Is there a specific 28 Day Challenge Support Group?

A. Yes! You will be sent the link to join the exclusive group once you join or submit your 28 Day Goal!

Q. I am a Healthy Mummy app member – how do I take part?

A. Easy!  Submit your October goals here and be sent details. Also if you go into your My account area of the website and under My Offers’ all information is there.

Q. Will there be prizes over the 28 Days?

A. Yes – we will have some awesome weekly prizes and an extra $1,000 cash prize at the end of the 28 Days.

Q. I have joined but can’t find my 28 Day Challenge Tool Kit?

A. It is sent on your email order confirmation when you join – plus it is also in your My Account area on our website under My Offers’ once you become a Healthy Mummy app member.

Q. I have joined but can’t find my 28 Day Challenge Tool Kit?

A. It is sent on your email order confirmation when you join – plus it is also in your My Account area of the website under My Offers once you become a Healthy Mummy app member.

Q. Can I see results from mums on a 28 Day Challenge?

A. Yes – see them below!

These mums got results in just 4 weeks!

Brittany has lost 6 kilos in just 28 Days

Brittany says, ‘I have lost 6 kilos! I stuck to my meal plan and just kept pushing through on hard days and cut sugar out leaning on The Healthy Mummy treats when I craved something sweet. I feel amazing and completely de-bloated. I’m so excited to see what my body is capable of doing.’

Kayla lost 4 kilos in just 28 Days

Kayla says “I’ve only lost 4kg so far but can see such a difference already, especially with my bloating which I am prone to.”

I already feel like I have more energy and am generally in a better mood. The kids are loving all of our extra walks and park stops and my daughter likes to join in with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Workouts.

Elyse has lost 10 Kilos in 28 Days

Elyse says, ‘My overall health has changed completely! I no longer wake up with sore joints or exhausted. I’m fit and healthy and love life. The physical change in my body is becoming toned, my skin is clear my hair has stopped falling out and I look and feel younger.”

Amelia has lost 6 kilos in 28 Days

Amelia says, ‘What I enjoy most about being a Healthy Mummy is having the support of our founder and sharing my experiences with likeminded women.  It is a fantastic tool and has made me aware of what I’m putting in my system versus my energy requirements and I love the Smoothies!’

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