Sneak peek: your next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is May Family Favourites

Our next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge starting in May 2024 is dedicated to affordable FAST, family-friendly, and of course, budget recipes.
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At The Healthy Mummy we love celebrating the hundreds of thousands of amazing women who have made the commitment to changing their mind, body and lives, losing over 3 million kilos and regaining body confidence!

If you are looking for a way to improve your health and fitness but feel you are lacking the motivation or the money to do it, this 28 Day Challenge is for you!

  • All recipes ready in 15 minutes or less
  • Over 6000 recipes available
  • Over 600 workout videos in app
  • BRAND NEW meal plans
  • Family friendly & realistic plans

May 2024 is Family Favourites

If you have been putting off joining The Healthy Mummy it’s time to jump on board the Family Favourites 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, our next Challenge kicks off April 29th 2024 so don’t delay making the right choice for YOU now.

By following the Family Favourite recipes in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge you can feed the family all those meals they love and lose the kilos you’ve been unable to shake.

We will help you along the way to find ways to stay on track and keep things simple with quick and easy meals, while sticking to a budget, because we all know how important that is at the moment.

Don’t put it off for another month, edge closer to your goals this May and you will thank us later.

It’s time to feel amazing being YOU! That shouldn’t be based off a number on the scales or the size on a clothing tag, it’s about you feeling your best, healthiest and most confident version of yourself.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is designed to help you make small changes that will lead to big results. We want to make everything as easy as possible for you, as we know how hard it can be to prioritise yourself and your goals as a busy mum!

NEW Wall Pilates

We are extremely excited to announce we have BRAND NEW Wall Pilates LIVE in the app.

Wall pilates is great for improving balance, stability and strength. It is a full body workout that tones your arms, legs, glutes and core. The workouts are just 10 minutes and suited to beginners and advanced fitness levels.

Plus the best part is all you need is a wall and some clear space, no expensive equipment needed!

Have you seen our New Meal Plans in App?

Over the years we have had community requests for so many different types of meal plans and we are excited to share that more of the most frequently requested meal plans are now available in app!

Our Pescatarian Meal Plan

Our team of expert nutritionists have come up with a new meal plan for anyone wishing to follow a pescatarian diet.

If you eat fish and vegetables, but not meat, this is a great meal plan option for you! Full of family friendly recipes with whole grains, nuts, legumes, fresh veggies and healthy fats, with seafood playing a key role as a main protein source, this meal plan would suit any pescatarian wanting a meal plan just for them!

What is a Pescatarian and what do they eat?

A pescatarian is someone who follows a vegetarian diet, i.e. doesn’t eat meat or chicken, but does eat fish and other types of seafood like prawns and shellfish. It consists of eating mainly plant-based food, like veggies, grains, nuts, legumes, with the extra protein coming from the fish and seafood. Many pescatarians also eat dairy and eggs.

Ultimate Budget Meal Plan

Our Ultimate Budget Meal Plan is here to stay! This amazing meal plan is perfect for families on tight budgets! All have cost per serve displayed and all recipes are under $2.50 per serve! This meal was brought on as a customer choice theme but due to the overwhelming number of members on the meal plan we have made this meal plan a permanent option available in app!

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Gluten free diets have become the most common ‘special diet’ worldwide. The reason for following a Gluten Free diet is primarily due to medically diagnosed health conditions that can cause a host of digestive and gut problems.

It is important to note when talking about packaged foods; not all gluten free food is healthy! They can be full of modified starches, thickeners, sugars and other additives that can wreak havoc on your digestive system and general health.

This is why following a wholefood gluten free meal plan like the one we have created is so important. It makes sure that you are avoiding all sources of gluten and being gentle on your digestive system whilst getting all the nutrients you need to help you thrive.

You’ll notice that this meal plan is packed with healthy gluten free alternatives like amaranth, buckwheat, legumes, millet, nuts, potatoes, quinoa, and rice. These nutrient rich foods contain vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, zinc and magnesium, are great sources of fibre to help keep you regular and contain prebiotics to help promote the growth of good bacteria. We’ve also included a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein sources and ‘healthier’ dessert options for you to try to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet.

NEW UPDATED Pantry Basics Meal Plan

We created this plan using the stock standard pantry items during covid, since then it has evolved and has again been updated in 2024. Now all recipes in the 4 week plan are costed out to be under $2.50 per serve using current supermarket prices. The purpose of the meal plan is to support mums and families on an extremely tight budget by using items they likely already have in the cupboard, utilising key pantry staples such as eggs, oats, nuts, seeds, honey, flour and rice. This meal plan aims to show you how to make healthier choices without updating your whole pantry!

Never miss out with THOUSANDS of recipes to choose from!

Speaking of food….

This is just a glimpse of the delicious, easy and affordable recipes you get to eat as part of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

We understand busy mums and the need for quick, easy and affordable family friendly recipes that will make your life easier not harder. We want to keep your family happy and healthy without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your precious time.

Worried about the cost with groceries on the rise?

Don’t panic! We have worked out the exact cost of the below recipes from our May challenge using current supermarket prices so you can see exactly how affordable our recipes are. You may just be pleasantly surprised!

Low Carb Pizza Pockets

COST: $1.70 per serve

Weetbix Balls

COST: $0.31 per serve

Oregano & Feta Chicken Burger

COST: $2.16 per serve

Best Brownie Mug Cake

COST: $0.84 per serve

Taco Nourish Bowl

COST: $3.49 per serve

Crustless Cherry Cheesecake Bites

COST: $0.97 per serve

All of these recipes plus thousands more can be found on The Healthy Mummy App.

We’ve got you!

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